Weekly meeting notes - The Secret Agency

The Secret Agency is a separate entity paid by the foundation (and therefore the community) that focuses on:

  • supporting international communities
  • attending global events and organizing grassroots local events
  • supporting network wide (translated) content
  • sustainable community engagement and learning experience
  • generating social media presence for the community and supporting KOL and other contributors in doing so.
  • growing the engaged and educated user base of Secret Network

The Agency leads (Brendan, Skrillah, SeanP, Jeremy, Wesley and myself) will host a meeting every week at Monday 1500 UTC (The old awareness time).

We will post the weekly meeting notes in this forum thread. The meeting notes of this first week will have the Ownership and Metrics you can expect of every single working group. It will also contains an overview for the June budget. The budget will be updated monthly.

@all Please feel free to suggest any KPI’s that you want us to track, that are not included in the presentation.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us reorganise the committees into the new Secret Agency. Feeling very positive about the level of productivity & engagement of all the Agents so far! :male_detective: