Weekly meeting notes - The Secret Agency

The Secret Agency is a separate entity paid by the foundation (and therefore the community) that focuses on:

  • supporting international communities
  • attending global events and organizing grassroots local events
  • supporting network wide (translated) content
  • sustainable community engagement and learning experience
  • generating social media presence for the community and supporting KOL and other contributors in doing so.
  • growing the engaged and educated user base of Secret Network

The Agency leads (Brendan, Skrillah, SeanP, Jeremy, Wesley and myself) will host a meeting every week at Monday 1500 UTC (The old awareness time).

We will post the weekly meeting notes in this forum thread. The meeting notes of this first week will have the Ownership and Metrics you can expect of every single working group. It will also contains an overview for the June budget. The budget will be updated monthly.


@all Please feel free to suggest any KPI’s that you want us to track, that are not included in the presentation.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us reorganise the committees into the new Secret Agency. Feeling very positive about the level of productivity & engagement of all the Agents so far! :male_detective:

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01/08/22 SLIDES
08/08/22 SLIDES


woohooo nice workkk guys ! lets rock this

19/09/22 SLIDES
26/09/22 SLIDES

7 BIG WINS OF THE WEEK (we will include this from now on :slight_smile:)

Secret Agency Media: Vote of the week is finished and ready to be live

Education&Design: Three videos ready to release on YouTube, informative Bushi thread released from TrippleA

Events: Skrillah organized 1st Secret Workshop at BCN, 2 AMAs done by Chiemerie and Popeblack, Luca representing SN at ETH Rio
Nataliia scheduled an offline workshop in Blockchain Tallin Community in the end of October

Social Media presence: Data feed by “the Tie” is in production and completed 3/6 guides for the “how to social media” questline

International Community: International Twitter accounts will start this week

University Relations: Peponks concluded a Prep Call with ITU Blockchain and scheduled another prep call for 13th of September at Hong Kong University

Agent engagement/Recruitment: 335 new agents onboarded

The jam packed Q3 Review is here! SLIDES & RECORDING

Check it out for an in depth look at our working groups successes last Q & plans for Q4. And look out for our DAO Governance prop this week on the forums!

Thanks again to everbody who contributed to setting up The Secret Agency

Feedback always appreciated! Either here or via DM on Discord :slight_smile:


Wins of the week!

Secret Agency Media: Riddle of the Week went live!

Events: Popeblack & TripleA attended events in Lagos Nigeria

International Community: German community chat is managed now by a new Community Manager

University Relations: First irl Secret Workshop for 5 UK universities

Agent engagement/Recruitment: 4x our onboarding conversion - 50% of total signups

17/10/22 SLIDES (recording bot died, sry!)

Secret Agency Media: German Twitter went live

Education & Design: 3rd tech stack video now live

Events: Skrillah hosted the First irl Secret Workshop for 5 UK universities!

Social Media presence: Now monitoring Reddit for SCRT conversations

International Community: November planning started!

University Relations: Peponks and Charlesgom made a presentation at Uni Veracruzana last Thursday with 150 listeners

Agent engagement/Recruitment: 64 devs onboarded!

Beta Testers: Testnet LIVE - Abakhus!

Negotiators: Secret Agency 2.0 Announced!


Secret Agency Media: Loomly social media application for efficiency

Education & Design: 3rd tech stack video now live

Events: Planning IRL events in 3 cities, London, Barcelona, Berlin!

Social Media presence: Now monitoring Reddit for SCRT conversations

International Community: Questline will go live for Community managers and Translators

University Relations: Melch & Lumi presented to Virginia Tech University and got 12 scrt university leads within 24 hours (more to come)

Agent engagement/Recruitment: 64 devs onboarded!

Beta Testers: Testnet Recruiting - Actilist!

Negotiators: New working group Announced!

Could you expand on what defines the ‘onboarded dev’ metric?

There’s a typo there @mumuse it’s actually 64 this week. 64 devs onboarded via this form: Become a Secret University developer!

All at different stages of introduction to the network pre Secret University launch.

Stage 1: Form complete, follow up email sent
Stage 2: Joined Secret Agency, met the community
Stage 3: Participating in active testnets via our beta-testers working group
Stage 4: Joining & contributing in other Agent working groups.

Agency are handling the onboarding & engagement of new devs whilst the Secret Uni team gets ready for a November launch. You can track their progress here.

If you have any ideas for dev onboarding metrics we can track post-launch, please post them in that thread & tag me. :male_detective:

For now please help us get this form into as many Rust & Cosmos dev hands as possible.

Weekly update for Secret Agency 11.23.22

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