Web3 Lagos Conference 2022

The Web3 conference in Lagos Nigeria, where stakeholders, industry experts, software developers are coming together to network and discuss about the web3 ecosystem.

This event is focused on helping developers, and blockchain enthusiasts realize the endless possibilities and opportunities of the Blockchain & Ethereum ecosystem.

3 days event kickstarting with a hackathon and several other events including workshop, networking, career fair, panel session, talks, main event, etc.

Official website: https://www.web3bridge.com/
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/Web3Bridge

Location: Funplex Resort, Magodo Lagos.
Date: 08th October, 2022
Time: 9:00am

Attend - Grab a ticket to the conference & infiltrate the community with 2 Agents in Lagos.


  • Connect with devs and talk to them about Secret

  • Introduce Secret University to devs and why they should come and build on Secret

  • Meet with organizer to plan and discuss hosting Hackathons event for Secret

  • Talk about endless opportunities and possiblities of Blockchain is not complete without privacy!

  • Recruit Agents

  • Generate Leads

  • Connect and Have fun

  • Infiltrate with 2 active Agents

Budget Request
Lead / Secret Agent Coordinator
Attend 3 days of the event to connect with people before the main event
Agent will attend the main event.

  • Tickets are free
  • Logistics:
    Flight - Round Trip $331
    Hotel Accommodation (3 nights) - $150
    Transportation Rides(Lagos) - $50
    Other expenses - $50

Total of 2 Agents at Lagos
Transportation and Miscellaneous : $35 each ($70 for two agents)
Compensation for Time: $50 each ($100 for 2 Agents)

Total: $751


It’d be neat if we could get you some privacy hats to pass out while you’re there!


@Thepopeblack put swag in the request if needed.


It will be great if we could give out swags at the conference

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Mechs to give out to people who can tell me what they love about privacy in Web 3

8 Hats and 2 Shirts - $120


Hey @Thepopeblack looks like a decent proposal to me, with the merch as well.

Secret University should be up and running by October so let’s work together with them to build a nice onboarding process for developers that you can use at the conference. I’ll ask if they can join our next events/uni relations working group call on Wednesday :slight_smile:

It’s likely that we will pivot our efforts at events to focus on onboarding devs now that we have a learning program for them!


Can we get a sign up form for Secret University made for this date, would be great if @Thepopeblack can get some devs onboarded live at the event!

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