Web Development Committee: Background and Charter


In September of 2020, Stake or Die LLC passed The Secret Network Website Proposal. In November of 2020 initial development was completed and the site was launched.

Following the completion of the SN Website initial build I, as owner of Stake or Die LLC, and with guidance from the Secret Network Foundation, set up the Website Committee. The purpose of the Website Committee was to maintain and improve the Secret Network Website as an open source project. A major part of the Website Committee was the design of the site, and in effect, the design direction of the network as a whole.

6 Months later, I propose that we disband the Website Committee and replace it with the Web Development Committee. Below, there is a link to the new Charter for this committee that lays out its purpose and its goals for fulfilling that. But for a TL;DR explanation of what it will do, the Web Development Committee will focus on front end application development and oversee the development and maintenance of “community properties” including the Secret Network Website and SecretSwap.

Why make this change now?

Partly the decision is personal. My interests over the last 6 months have changed to be focused on app development. It is a unique type of web development that is challenging and rewarding and I want to spend more time focused on it.

Partly it is a recognition that the Website Committee’s name and mandate left the site too much in the hands of one group of people, whether or not those people had the information, interest, or skill required. The Secret Network Website is meant to reflect the network as a whole, and should be grown and managed not only by a Committee that knows development and design, but by all the committees as far as their mandate’s dictate.

But mostly, the decision is a recognition that the network has a blindspot, namely the web development side of secret apps. Currently it is just too hard to build the front end of secret apps and as a result contract developers and web application developers are not migrating to the Secret Network as fast as they should considering how exciting and groundbreaking the tech is. After doing a lot of research and work in this area, I feel that I am in a unique position to fix this blindspot and I want to do so as quickly as possible.

Moving Forward.

Culminating with the launch of the Secret Network Website V2 on Friday, the Website Committee will begin its transition into the Web Development Committee. Friday’s meeting will focus on improving the charter as it is currently written. At the same time design of the website will begin to be handed off to the Design Committee. Over the next few weeks, the website itself will become the responsibility of every committee as far as their mandate dictates. I will assist empowering committees to take on this responsibility and the Web Development committee will be responsible for removing friction by providing access, tools, and advice to make this transition work.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to feedback. This is a big change that may be messy at first, but it is also a necessary and exciting one that I am committed to getting right.

Web Development Charter


Great stuff Sandy, makes perfect sense.
Please share the link with public read access, I couldn’t read it.

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This is laid out very nicely. I think that this decision makes perfect sense. Looking forward to it Sandy!


I’m in full support of this proposal and think there is a huge need for a committee like this. As a relatively new developer myself, it has been a struggle to learn SecretJS and Secret app development and I found that there just wasn’t many resources available. It would be awesome to bring they many questions I have to a group such as this committee and clear those roadblocks. I’ve found that most of the developer discussion in this community has been more focused on secret contract development, upgrades to the protocol, bridges, etc. which is all great stuff but it leaves a gap in the web app development side of things. We need a place like this where we can onboard new front end devs, work together to create standards, and collaborate on community projects.

As far as the Secret Network website, I agree this should be owned by someone else, whether that’s a combination of committees or separate group altogether that serves a role of pulling together information from the rest of the committees and determining how to collectively present the Secret Network brand. Whoever that is does not need to be a web developer. This will be especially true once website V2 is launched with a CMS to make content updates much easier. If there were infrastructure changes required, then the Web Development Committee could be tasked with making the specified changes.

Looking forward to see where this goes!

Austin Woetzel
Secure Secrets