[Validator introduction] Staky.io

Hello community,

We’re launching our Secret node!

Who are we?

Staky.io is a platform that is aiming to redefine the staking experience! We believe that validators are meant to represent delegators in a better way that it’s currently the case in most networks.

We’re building a DAO-style platform that will allow any delegator to actively take part in our governance! We’re also adding a lot of user-friendly features such as dashboards, rewards tracking, telegram bot and more!

We also believe that a good validator is doing more than securing the network. Our team is also planning to actively contribute to the adoption of SCRT by developers, by promoting the technology and deploying educational tools to organically boost its adoption!

Our platform MVP will be released soon! Stay tuned

We’re launching our node at 0% fees, feel free to ask any question :slight_smile:


Sounds great. I’m looking forward to seeing the platform MVP!

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