Unable to view sETH balance in the Earn section on the Secret Bridge

Can anyone assist with this technical issue? I’m using KEPLR and MetaMask in Google Chrome.
I previously deposited a modest amount in the sETH liquidity pool.

When I click on ‘View Balance’ in the ‘Locked’ section, I see the message ‘Created a viewing key for sETH rewards’ near the top right of the screen, but I’m still unable to see the sETH LP balance that I previously deposited. As the balance does not appear, I’m also unable to withdraw.

I’ve tried refreshing the page. I’ve also tried using the Brave browser but, in my case, that seems to have even more troubles properly displaying https://bridge.scrt.network/

Would appreciate any tech-suport suggestions :slight_smile:

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Hi, i also has the same problem, did you get it fixed?

Hi there - yes, Google ‘Keplr troubleshooting’ and work through the suggested steps. I deleted and re-installed the Keplr extension, cleaned the cache in Google Chrome and then restarted Chrome. I then re-imported my existing account into Keplr, created new viewing keys and everything seems to now work.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi, i did get good help from the bridge-support channel in Discord Yesterday so i am adding what worked for me. I think @moncur83 's solution also had solved my problem.

  1. I started with disabling all other walletsextensions in chrome ( reason: it was a known issue that other wallets in Chrome could make trouble for the Keplr wallet), this solution didnt help for my case.

  2. Added manually the contract adresses for tokens i had issue with, after that added new viewing key, and refreshed the browser.

Solution 2 solved my problem, i could see all balances.