The Secret Market Committee Charter

Secret Market Committee Charter

I. Purpose

The Secret Market Committee exists to spread broad awareness of Secret Network assets, to increase visibility of new assets on the network, and to ensure the success of the implementation of Secret Market as it develops and grows.

With active development underway, the purpose of the Secret Market Committee will be to support the burgeoning platform, assist in providing feedback regarding the use of the platform, assets on the platform, and to help determine a positive, successful path for the growth of Secret Assets into the future.

The Secret Market Committee offers a path for traders, speculators, and degens to promote asset awareness within the Secret Network ecosystem and beyond. We intend to achieve this by highlighting top contributors on the site, providing opportunities for compensation from a Secret Market Node to incentivize committee contributors, and to actively promote the program and services offered by Secret Market.

“Traders, speculators, and degens are the lifeblood of crypto. They drive the volume, hype, and excitement needed to grow and support new assets, networks, and DeFi platforms. We recognize that grassroots viral marketing is integral to the success of projects and aim to capitalize on the value of individuals engaging the ecosystem in a mutually beneficial manner”
(Secret Market Committee)

The Secret Market Committee wants you!

II. Membership

Committee Leadership: The Secret Market Committee shall be led by IOWA𝕊CERO and co-lead committee members in good standing with the Secret Network community. Committee leads will coordinate with the developers of Secret Market to provide feedback from the committee membership and community and to provide initiatives to stimulate growth and adoption of secret assets. Committee leads are beholden to the secret market community. Membership comes with varying degrees of commitment depending on individual desire to contribute and add value.

The Secret Market Committee aims to be an inclusive place for any community participants interested in being involved.

III. Meetings

The Secret Market Committee will conduct business of the committee through an ongoing schedule of weekly conference calls and telegram communications.

The Secret Market Committee meetings will be held during degen prime time, UTC 10:00 (22:00) Saturday of each week, which translates to 3PM PDT (15:00), 5PM CDT (17:00), & 6PM EDT (18:00), respectively. These meeting will be held as a conference voice call in the Secret Market telegram group. This meeting time allows committee members to look at the week’s content ahead of time and establish a weekly plan. These meetings will aim to be less than 30 minutes for important topics, with lengthier discussions as members see fit.

The Secret Market Committee agenda shall loosely be structured as follows:
• Review of previous week’s activity
• Gather site feedback
• Collect ideas for improvement
• Assess and execute initiatives moving forward

IV. Closing Thoughts, Directives, and Rules to live by.

1. Do not talk about the Secret Market Committee.
2. Nothing we say is financial advice.
3. Your carefully picked arguments can easily be ignored.
4. The contents of this charter are subject to change at the consensus of the community.
5. You can only troll hard if you join the committee.
6. No sex in the champagne room.
7. Moon or bust.

Secret Market Committee Meeting Agenda – 05/01/2021
Welcome & introductions

Ethan (Iowa)
Let anyone who cares to introduce themselves
Secret Market basic concept review
CMC/CoinGecko style clone for SN assets with added functionality
Swap Integration
4chan/HackerNews Style Boards
NFT Marketplace (OpenSea SN Degen Style) Integration
Potentiality for node runner promotion
Accessing Sienna’s Human Capital – Offer prominent feature and & promotion in exchange for promotion?)

Realistic expectation of workload
Requirements for undertakings
Community Engagement

Cross Committee Communication
Awareness - tandem work, keeping lines of communication open – best frens
Design - Logo Design Contest to engage Design committee and engage community abroad, drive hype
Anything Ian or Jacob, or any other community/committee member would like to add
Closing arguments

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We are amending the Secret Market Committee Charter to absorb the now defunct SecretSwap Committee Charter. We will relay the finer details of this over the coming weeks.

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Secret Market Committee Meeting – 05/01/2021 – Notes

Emphasis on group and community collaboration to increase visibility of assets
Creation of CoinGecko/CMC type platform with added functionality to create a unique product
4chan/Hackernews style boards
Highlight popular topics and discussions
Creating a one stop shop, a place to review information and swap
Interface for existing AMMs
Need for a community launchpad discussed
Prioritization of Secret Network participants preferred for future launches
Launchpad questions:
How does this work? Logistically there are issues
Scope must narrow
Existing project research – dxsale, polkastarter etc.
Potential barriers and ramifications discussed
KYC undesirable
Takeaway: Limitations that create exclusivity may trigger undesired consequences
Provide new and upcoming project promotion through Secret Market boards or maybe even SecretSwap itself?
A focus on integration to better market available solutions and promote solutions being built
An NFT Marketplace project is under construction on the network! Exciting!

Bootstrapping solutions highlighted
Posts automatically detect links, give special preview of NFT & allow discussion underneath
Special flair, Auction showing through interface when mentioned, potentially purchase or bid on auction through post

Emphasis on promoting community projects, building access to amazing things under development
Streamline solutions, narrow scope
Targeting Niches and providing connectivity and speculation
Ideas to drive community engagement:

Incentivize early users. Giveaways, contests, discussed as options for promotion

Promote Node runners, assets, SEFI!!!, SecretSwap! Community!

We’re building a troll army & we need you.

Leonard offered token promotion, interactive widget and polls, static banner ads, utility coin that allows advertising on particular sites relative to material, needs follow up
Creative posts to draw Sienna users, post their own hype to get them interested
Discussed Secret Crypto Whale Bot under construction
Brainstorming future premium features for crypto whale bot
Collaboration with Designer needed
Graphic Design Professional, Secret Designer Jacob, is on Product Team
Earmarked design contest to engage community as a potential future opportunity
Roadmap creation an ongoing collaborative effort

Meeting adjourned

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Agenda for Secret Market Committee Meeting – 05/08/2021

Review Highlights from Last Weeks Call
Live Roadmap Outline
MVP Coingecko alternative for SN with boards
Additional functionality built out as adoption is gained
After transition and completion of bulk of work on Secret Nodes, 50/50 SM prioritization
SecretSwap committee cropped up… and fell down. Absorbed.
Emphasis on Awareness efforts
Prioritizing SEFI!!

  1. SecretSwap Twitter operation (Focus on increasing visibility)
  2. SecretSwap Medium operation (update, new pairs, etc)
  3. SecretSwap Telegram operation
    Coordination with Brendan & Awareness help with missions, show up in force
    Visibility is key, apes together strong
    Open Floor
    End of line
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Secret Market Committee Meeting – 05-08-2021 – Notes

Recap of previous weeks discussion
Review of active upcoming projects in the community
NFT marketplace coming
Driving traffic & providing engagement
Absorption of SecretSwap charter, more updates coming, logistics still being worked out
Discussed crypto marketing initiative with Leonard
-Existing material
-Possible design contest
-Need for HQ brand assets
-SEFI, no governance yet, needed to make SEFI more attractive
-Focus SecretSwap
Jacob going full time this month
-paperwork finalization causing small delay
No Twitter access as of yet for SecretSwap
Use of Twitter Brigade to increase post reach for SM Twitter posts and SecretSwap posts
Soft Roadmap breakdown:

Secret Market “Soft Roadmap”

Phase 1

  1. Clone core cmc & coingecko functionality. This means the traditional asset list from these sorts of sites and a total market cap for them. Starting off, only secret and secret assets.
  2. Hackernews clone. This means cloning this basic functionality to start off with so we have a board where users can Shit post about assets.

Phase 2

  1. Augment core asset list beyond secret assets. Decide via Secret Market call what assets to support.

  2. Augment hacker news core feature to support highlighting assets being discussed. Spec out how highlighting will work feature wise.

  3. Secretswap swap integration into site.*

Phase 3

Phase 1 isn’t technically difficult for developers, will be the quickest to accomplish with difficulty ramping up as the work develops
Intention to increase assets supported
Promoting assets visually and interactively through thread posts
Desire to move quickly and make MVP available
Open floor
-SEFI development need reiterated, advised Enigma is working on this
-Committee member looking for Devs for personal project, advised to pursue find a team and check out Dev committee meetings
End of line

Agenda for Secret Market Committee Meeting – 05/15/2021

Review of Last Weeks Call

  • Developer Jacob is Going Full Time

  • Review Soft Roadmap

  • Discuss proposed SM marketing initiative holdup (HQ branding assets still MIA)

  • No access to SS Twitter at this time

  • SM Twitter Deck set up, seek interested volunteers and set ad-hoc mission meeting for this initiative

Things going on in the ecosystem:

  • SecretHeroesNFT launched

  • NFT Marketplace still under construction

  • FATS committee possibility?

  • Ongoing discussions around committee structure, committees restructuring and expanding roles

  • SecretSwap committee – reassessing how this could work based on community feedback
    Open Floor
    End of Line

It has been decided after a process of great deliberation, after careful evaluation of community feedback, and through certain necessities of the product development team, that the Secret Market effort will be taking a different direction and this product will be retained under the Secret Nodes domain. Greater areas of demand have been identified within the network where my efforts may be of better service and I am also having to redirect my focus to a different committee. As a result of these circumstances, the Secret Market Committee is hereby dissolved until such a time as the community or product development team deems it’s revival beneficial.

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