The Secret Agency - Public signalling DAO

Dear Secret community,

This post is to share and create discussion about how we govern the Secret Agency. This is a statement of intent from “us” the five Secret Agency Leads: Brendan, Skrillah, Sean, Wesley and Me (ertemann).

Feel free to skip this section if you are familiar - but here is a quick TLDR on the Secret Agency and its history:

The Secret Agency is a separate non-profit entity within the Secret Network ecosystem which aims to create a funnel for new users, builders and investors. The funnel includes making a wallet, experiencing certain applications, learning about the technology and contributing to a various set of Working groups with widely diverse goals. We have groups that focus on specialised social media outreach, guerrilla marketing, event participation, onboarding of university talent, testing Network dApps/UX and more.

The Secret Agency was created out of both a vision and the need to bring the education, awareness and international growth committees off of on-chain funding. The vision was to combine those 3 committees into a single organisation to increase their collective efficiency. In our opinion combining the three committees has been a very good decision although it caused a chaotic transition period without funding for a few months. More info about what changed from then till now is available in our Q3 review and an upcoming transparency summary. The transition period forced us to further centralise as funding came in from the foundation and was dispersed through secure secrets. This transition period is now mostly over as a solid system has been setup to further the work first done by the past 3 committees and more. Besides simply continuing work reorganisation made the system more (capital) efficient and enrollment for a new entity has started.

So what has happened since then?

  • The official Secret Agency HQ has been launched providing a better onboarding experience for users.

  • Micro payments for social media engagement have been abandoned. The reward system has been replaced with a rewarding ranking system including custom SecretNFTs and merchandise.

  • The Secret Agency has officially applied for a “non-profit limited liability company” in the Marshall Islands (a miDAO structure) which will enable decentralised handling of operating funds in a tax advantaged manner. This process consists of 3 phases: application, Legal agreement formation, government approval. We are currently in phase 2 and finishing up our legal agreement, this proposal was important to put out before we can advance.

  • Multiple questlines have been designed to educate agents about Secret Network and guide them in contributing to the network. The mission booklet has been revised to award agents for completing tasks in several categories and help them in ranking up.

  • Have made working agreements with 9 Agent coordinators and 9 international community moderators. The agency hereby reduced their total costs yet solidified the position of the most dedicated agents to further develop the network and themselves with a wide variety of tasks.

  • Reduced the total Agency budget to ~55k per month while absorbing more tasks and costs making the previous structure significantly more efficient. Bringing all coordinators and leads under 1 organisation standardising hourly rates and task assignment.

  • Forged very strong connections with SCRT Labs and Foundation for the creation of tech and video content using a basis of dedicated agents (more info on how this collaboration is divided time-wise can be found in the weekly reports /charter or feel free to ask). Made strong connections with Bizdev supporting Dan in the tracking and follow-up on cold/warm leads.

  • Created a new vertical focused completely on onboarding university students in Blockchain groups and CS degrees into Secret Network using on-site/remote presentations and Workshops in combination with Secret University.

  • Created a new working group focused on targeted outreach on privacy in Web3 focused social media conversations and Influencers interested in web3 privacy and Secret Network.

  • Got a verified Twitter account with an active engaged following. The account can be tagged as a means to answer questions by outsiders on social media and functions as the host for various internal and external AMAs/Podcasts.

  • Reduced the overhead on moderation of the international communities and created a rewarding and metric based system for current international moderators. More info on how capital efficiency was increased here can be found in the upcoming q3 review summary.

For detailed progress and metrics feel free to check out our Q3 progress report or check out all reports in our drive.

All of this progress however would have been impossible without the support of the community which pays taxes to the Foundation and therefore pays us. There is no way the Secret Agency can succeed long-term without the community’s active voice in governing it. However, so far, besides an initial vote to defund certain committees, the community has had little voice in the choice of leadership and initial formation of the Secret Agency. All one could do was provide feedback in the public meetings.

We want to change that - which is where this forum post comes into play.

We would like to propose a way for the community to govern the Secret Agency and its leads via a public signalling DAO

In the short-term, there is no way we can enable the community to have a vote in the official legal organisation. We don’t think pursuing official voting rights in the DAO is worthwhile as it brings significant operational problems, KYC requirements, conflicts of interest and will bring back the decentralisation inefficiencies that plagued the previous structure.

The document below is an attempt at an initial charter for the public DAO that will be created on the DAO DAO platform on JUNO. We intend to move to Secret as soon as DAO tooling with an easy front end exists…

The representatives of the signalling DAO may include a composition of Secret Agency Coordinators, Secret Network validators, Secret Foundation, Secret Labs, and/or active, high-ranking Secret Agents and network contributors. The DAO will be instantiated by the Secret Agency leads and a list (all up for debate) of above mentioned figures will be added to the DAO with an equal voting weight. At first we are looking for ~50 DAO members, ~15 of these people will be SCRT Labs/Foundation and Agency leads.

First draft of a charter.

The structure for Governance over the Secret Agency hereafter will look like this:

  1. The Community (Secret Network Governance)

  2. Secret Foundation

  3. The Secret Agency

  4. The Community (public signalling DAO)

The community can make proposals about the efficiency and execution of the Secret agency using the public DAO. The Secret Agency will try their best to work towards fulfilling the requests as long as they are within the bounds of the official Agency DAO legal framework.

The relationship between the community and The Secret Agency DAO is one of pure trust and the honest execution of Signalling proposals by the agency DAO is what will enable this relationship to be meaningful and fulfilling for the community.

In a perfect situation the community would only turn to either the Foundation or SCRT governance to govern the Secret Agency if a proposal in the signalling DAO is ignored, however this cant be enforced. The Secret Foundation and therefore SCRT governance has control over the Agency budget so can cut this to enforce the requested changes if no action is taken on proposals in the public DAO.

We want to provide a way for the community to have direct influence without creating the same insecure environment that plagued efficiency of the previous committee structure, some ground rules therefore are laid out in the governance charter and include:

  • One can discuss the budgeting of single leads and their accomplishments, but a first proposal will only be deemed a notification. After internal conversation between the specific lead and the official agency DAO the lead will come out with a statement. If further progress is not deemed to be made the community can bring back a proposal vote and force action from the other official DAO participants. I got requests to put a time estimation on this type of workflow. An initial idea (but in the end up to the community): An initial reprimand has to be handled within 1 week after proposal passing, this means the community gets a statement from the respective lead within 1 week. In our opinion a further 4 weeks have to pass before a new proposal can be put to a vote so to give the respective lead enough time to show their worth and prove the community.

  • The Agency budget will be published every month separated in 3 different categories, Leads, Agents and discretionary. The budget will be provided after the fact and the community can submit proposals to suggest changes for follow up periods. Also feel free to propose things that should be funded by the Secret Agency so we can budget for it if feasible. Please realise that the funding process as set up with the Foundation currently already provides a layer of scrutiny. Big budget problems can be taken up with the Foundation. A quarterly summary can provide more detail on the budget if requested, an example of such a summary is coming out this week. Please realise that the legal entity that is the Secret Agency cannot disclose information about pay of specific employees.

  • We will expect discussion of a proposal before it goes on-chain, details about this process can be discussed with the community.

  • One can make proposals to swear in new community members into the DAO. If a community participant is not in the DAO currently they can create proposals via one of the DAO stakeholders or an agency lead.

  • One can propose themself as a new Agency Lead or Coordinator. Enacting a Lead into the official DAO however will always be up to the Official legal framework and requires KYC. Budget might not allow the DAO to actually take on all Leads that apply.

In our opinion voting on the proposal will happen as proposal #1 in the public signalling DAO, but we are open to letting SCRT governance vote as well if that is requested.

Thank you in advance for your discussion around this proposal. We look forward to more actively involving the community’s voice in the Agency and believe that this may be the best pathway to make it happen. Lets work together to create a Governance charter that satisfies the community. If you want to be part of the initial ~50 people in the DAO then please let us know.


Thanks for taking the time to put all of our thoughts & theories into this proposal @ertemann!

I just want to emphasise that we really want to give those who contribute the most to the Secret Agency the chance to have a say in it’s direction. There are many who have gone above & beyond in the 3 months since the re-organisation & in the face of one of the roughest bear markets crypto has seen.

We feel that empowering our best Agents will put Secret on the best foot to educate, inspire & activate a global audience whilst training the next generation of leaders in our network.

If you are building on Secret, you can get in touch with us to help you:

-Grow your community
-Spread news & announcements
-Create content audio/visual/written
-Translate your content into many languages
-Squish bugs & improve UI/UX
-Host & appear on podcasts & AMA’s
-Moderate your social channels
-Represent your product @ events & universities worldwide
& much more.

A massive thank you once again to all those that have worked so hard on our giant list of wins from Q3.

You’re all going to make it, Agents. :male_detective: :female_detective:


Great explanation of what’s been changed and what is coming with the DAO.

  • @ertemann is there a timeframe of when phase 2 (legal agreement) will be done? When DAO DAO will be operational?
  • I like the idea of moving to a DAO tooling platform on scrt once it’s available
  • What is required of me if I’d like to be part of the initial 50 people in the DAO?

Thank you to all the leads for making this happen. It’s clear that this is no easy task, decentralizes your power as leads yet opens the doors to improvement through community feedback. :pray:

I’d like to be as big of a part of this as possible. Please let me know how to join the starting 50 and how I can help get it built.

Phase 2 is not dependent on anyone else besides us finishing our operating agreement.
We have just signed our first version and are forwarding it to the Marshall island government.

All that is required is a Juno address, ill put you on the list :slight_smile:
Building it is very easy with Dao Dao so no real help needed there.

Hope to hear more interested parties and some feedback on a charter by the rest of the community.


I’m very interested in contributing!

I would like to be a part of the initial DAO if it is possible.

The agency, secret network, and the growth and education of our community as a whole is my main priority.

I like the idea of pushing the boundaries of what is possible, the decentralized governance concept of DAOs is still young, bound to have rough patches, big wins, ups, and downs, and I will thoroughly enjoy seeing this unfold.

I have always said this community is top notch, and so I believe that if anyone can make such a model work, it is the agents and SN community. :muscle:🕵‍♂

Big thanks for this detailed description, @etremann! :slightly_smiling_face:
Great work has been done at the moment by all leads and agents. And much work is waiting for us in the near future. Glad to be a part of the team and working with so experienced people, let’s build and grow together! :muscle:

Thank you all for showing interest!

Seeing as the community has not put tremendous pressure on this proposal we might be delaying it until DAO tooling native on Secret Network exists.

If there are opinions about this please let us know!

We can create an intermediary solution if more influence or transparency is required.


In them meantime if you have proposals, opinions feedback etc then feel free to come directly to us.

Anything can be discussed, anything!