The Romulus Upgrade Signal

The Romulus Upgrade Signal covers a date, block height, and repo information for The Romulus Upgrade. This upgrade will change the “enigma” prefix in the address format to “secret” and add a new module to the Secret Network.

With these last steps wants to make it clear we are depending on other network participants to help complete what is ultimately a group process and responsibility we all have.

What is needed?

  1. Validators must agree on a date, time, and block height (must be multiple of 100) for the upgrade.
  2. Github repo must get checked by 3rd parties to ensure safety.
  3. An upgrade process for the Secret Network must be fleshed out and checked by multiple parties. This may or not be drafted by TBD
  4. A 2nd proposal will go on chain that has the exact block height and time of the upgrade. The final time and block height may be adjusted based on feedback from Validators. This proposal may or not be made by TBD

Since @dbriggsie from Chainofsecrets has already successfully made nearly the exact required changes around the prefix alteration and adding the new module in order to standup their own testnet and tested the changes, I’m asking COS now for feedback / to check on the repo but ultimately anyone else who has made these changes or similar ones before is welcome to check the upgrade and provide feedback.

The Romulus Upgrade Repo

Feedback Channel

4 Likes has completed the review and made additional updates to the new Romulus Upgrade repo. Thank you to @moonstash and the team!

You can follow our progress on the secret-testnet repo. It currently has the mainnet as a baseline. After the initial testnet is setup and verified, we’ll apply the Romulus changes and test the upgrade!

  1. will then test the Romulus upgrade on secret-testnet
  2. We’ll create a guide documenting the upgrade process and verify with multiple parties
  3. Once the upgrade has been tested and is successful we’ll create the secretnetwork release and coordinate with stakeholders and existing validators to complete the Romulus Upgrade

Feedback Channels


Update on The Romulus Upgrade

This will be the repo used for the Romulus Upgrade

To round to the nearest multiple of 100 the block height will be as follows.
The proposed time approximately corresponds to block 1,697,600

Stay tuned in the next few days for instructions on how to do the upgrade. ChainOfSecrets will be providing support for the scheduled upgraded at approximately 5am PT June 10th, 2020.

There was a bit of a hiccup in testing the Romulus Upgrade so we will be delaying it by 1 week. So instead of the upgrade happening on the 10th it will happen on the 17th, provided everyone agrees to the new proposal regarding this. I will be making a more detailed update about this today.

I don’t have a lot of information around the specific bugs that caused the delay at this exact time, so all I can really say at this juncture is that there was a chain halt during testing and we didn’t feel comfortable proceeding with the upgrade without having another week of testing. My understanding is that these bugs are in the cosmosSDK and have something to do with the prefix change. We have already confirmed the swap works through our testing so to be very clear there have been no bugs found in the swap code. We had just attempted testing it in conjunction with the prefix change so this is when we would have found any issues related.

Currently my understanding is that 1 or 2 bugs have already been fixed but we still opted to take another week of testing to ensure above all else, that we do a safe upgrade.

Later today I will finish the deposit on the new proposal for the Romulus Upgrade.

Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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It turns out the bugs are actually very specifically related to exporting/importing the cosmos state in cosmosSDK. This is a specific part of performing a network upgrade and unrelated to the prefix change and the swap code. I’ll be sure to update people with more information on the bugs once they are resolved but for now we are sticking to the 17th of June for the upgrade. I want to make clear at this point, to keep everyones expectations properly set, that future delays are possible. We will keep pushing forward until the task is complete, If there is anything new that comes up related to hiccups, we will be sure to update everyone ASAP.

:hourglass:Timeline Update | New Proposal :loudspeaker:
The Romulus Upgrade Proposal

Please note this is the NEW proposal for the Romulus Upgrade.

New Timeline For Network Upgrade
5am PT on June 17th