The Nigeria Fintech Week

The Nigeria Fintech Week is the biggest industry event in Africa which births key innovations, strategic partnerships and ecosystem transformations. It has been revolutionary in galvanizing and building the FinTech industry across Africa, stimulating indigenous creativity to solve Africa’s tech challenges, removing cross border barriers to FinTech operations and fostering collaboration amongst stakeholders

Official website: [
Twitter handle: [

Location: Landmark VI, Lagos
Date: 28th October, 2022
Time: 9:00am

Attend - Grab a ticket to the conference & infiltrate the community with 2 Agents in Lagos.


  • One of the main purpose is to create a community with Fintech Nigeria for Secret and Secret Africa
  • Scout for communities to collab with for AMA, twitter space, interview and so on
  • Scout for potential investors
  • Check out for new tech that can be integrated in Secret Ecosystem
  • Generate Leads
  • Recruit Agents

Budget Request
Lead / Secret Agent Coordinator Africa

Airbnb - 150
Flight - Round Trip $325
Discretional - $100

Two Agent to assist me at the event
Transportation and Miscellaneous : $35 each ($70 for two agents)
Compensation for Time: $50 each ($100 for 2 Agents)

10 hats - $100

Total: $845

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Lets deal with these events in our working group channel from now on, we’ve had a nice run of quality leads & agents coming in from these so think about how we can switch up the engagement to 11!

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