Testnet Committee

I am planning on going on-chain for funding for testnet committee. I will write up a charter etc. The first funding request will be to compensate Stake or Die and the other teams / individuals who have been running nodes / validators on testnet. Then I will formalize an ongoing funding model and return with another request. I will also be looking for someone who is interested in leading this committee over the long term. DM me on TG or Discord if you are interested in this and have relevant experience.

Thank You.


There is a lot of work involved in maintaining testnet, but it is really distributed. I will be looking for a way to compensate small amounts monthly for specific tasks. Getting involved would be a great way for people to start earning SCRT for work that helps the network. This could be as simple as running a node or as involved as maintaining a webpage that lists all the “official” testnet SNIP-20s and provides a faucet for them. If you are interested let me know.


Domerium Labs will support such a proposal (pending details).

On a continuous basis, there have been issues with testnet, which is an issue for the network’s goal of onboarding hundreds of applications.

Having a central party to interact with, find support, and maintain uptime, reliability, and documentation would be extremely helpful in our mission of growth.


Agreed. Hope to have a general funding outline in the next day or two.

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Digiline will also support this proposal as well.

We believe that a stable testnet is crucial for the network’s growth and would support a committee to make sure that everything works correctly.

Also we believe that it may be beneficial to also discuss running a betanet, which would be a testnet running an in-development branch of secret network and would make it possible to test new features and performance improvements before they reach mainnet

I strongly support this effort. Looking forward to seeing the full proposal.

Secret LLC strongly supports this as well and @the-dusky leading. Let us know how we can help in regards to explorer support or any other aspects

I would happily support this as long as it has significant KPIs for testnet documentation. A start has been made to get some summary of contracts etc in the docs: Adding Testnet Guide by Raimo33 · Pull Request #128 · SecretFoundation/docs · GitHub , but its a big mess.

I think it would be interesting to also fund small hackathons from this committee with people who can sit down for like 4-8 hours to try and break a certain contract, API, application etc. I know that this kind of behaviour has been very good for development and bug fixes on Juno and might have prevented the recent gas problem type bug with the Shade/Shinobi verifications.

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That’s a great idea it would help a lot with making sure that deployments on mainnet work out as expected and don’t have any major bugs.

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