Swapped UNI for sUNI

Swapped UNI for secretUNI.
Etherscan & Metamask show that the transaction completed successfully ( also a Tx succeeded from Keplr ) though the UNI has not moved out of my Metamask on to the Bridge. ( or showing in my Keplr wallet )
Transaction Hash 0xfb9031d36835d3f655c04b62ad4b7a99e0e8d7088a29291647e5635cf8e0607c
ETH Account used for the bridge

Is there something that I can do other than wait & hope.

Also when I do a transaction search on the bridge, enter my scrt wallet address it shows “no data” even though I have made several transaction.
Am I also using this tool incorrectly?

Cheers Michael

Looks like you only issued “Approve” transaction - the first out of two, where the second would be the actual token transfer into the Bridge. You should go back to the Bridge and do the transfer as well.

Bridge UI actually explains the 2 transaction thing; please be careful, read instructions and follow them. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks @securet
All sorted .
Had done the swap before with other tokens , become a little complacent before it was really second nature.
Whilst you are giving good advise, how do I search my transaction history ( ie which address do I put into the search bar in " Transactions "
Cheers Michael