Swap Statement | Burn ENG for SCRT! | secretswap.io

Hello everyone! It’s been a long journey we’ve had since the Secret Network launched in Feb 2020. Since then the community has been working tirelessly to achieve a decentralized token swap from ENG to SCRT. Here is a recap of the chain of events since launch.

Swap Related Proposals

  1. Unify The Enigma Community
  2. “Burn ENG for SCRT!”
  3. Community Fee Param Change
  4. Burn ENG for SCRT Budget Allocation
  5. Romulus Upgrade Signal
  6. The Romulus Upgrade Proposal
  7. The Token Swap Proposal
  8. Disable & Remove ENG to SCRT Burn components.

The ENG to SCRT burn has been discussed since Feb 2020 and ultimately with the last proposal it was agreed by the network to disable and remove the ENG to SCRT swap components from the Secret Network.

This means there are no further realistic options for swapping.