Staking LP-sSCRT-SEFI does not trigger Keplr transaction

Hi guys,

I’ve been adding LP-sSCRT-SEFI before, and today the Earn button is just spinning, no Keplr window appears to complete the transaction. I was able to swap and provide liquidity today, but I cannot stake this liquidity. It’s been working fine on the same machine the previous several days.

I tried restarting the computer several times, I tried using a VPN. When I click on Claim Rewards I get the Keplr transaction window. When I click on Earn or Withdraw it just spins and no Keplr window appears.

If I try to Earn/Withdraw/Claim from LP-sSCRT-sWBTC, it pops-up the Keplr window.

I tried from Brave and from Chrome and I have the same issue.

So I’m not sure what is the issue with Earn/Withdraw to/from LP-sSCRT-SEFI. Do you have any suggestions on what I could try?

Thank you!

Im having this issue too. I was trying to set up a new pool (sefi-sscrt). I got as far as getting the lp tokens, but when I try to deploy them on the SeFi page, I click the 100% then earn, and I just get the spinning circle.

fyi I finally got it to work. I had to not use the full amount of the lp tokens, I shaved a few thousandths of one lp off the toal mount then tried to submit to the tokens again and it worked. idk why that worked. Kind of annoying but w/e.

Since the original post I’ve staked LP-sSCRT-SEFI a few times with no issues. I just use “100%” button followed by “Earn” button. Using Keplr, of course.

I confirm, it’s working for me as well. It seems to have been something temporary.

Looks like the problem is back–I’m currently running into this as well.