Sportsbet statictical analysis

Let me introduce myself. My name is Nikola . I have dream of mine to share with all of football fans who are betting on their favorite teams. Need a help to develop football statistical analysis. Im not developer and dont understand technology. Got involved in crypto since march 2018. Enigma is one of my holdings . With 80% down it drives me even more to realize my plans.

Would like to develop app using blockchain technology for football betting predictions . Im huge fan of football. By following mayor leagues i do place some betts on my fav teams. I spend hours looking for information what team to bet on tracking information on perfomance , league stats, goals, mutual draws…etc…

Want to combine my experience and expectations from missing out on vital informations. Throughout past years i have come across so many prediction sites , sport sites with statistical analysis but they all are either time and money consuming or scammers .

Want to create model all in one place where calling upon any team from any league can give u statistics of their performance from last few matches by giving numbers in percentage.

Also utilizing this odds u can vote on your own predictions by giving wote to either odds (win-draw-win) just one of the potential markets

I believe that the best way to do this is to combine what you’re already tracking about football with unique learning machine methodology of predicting results using statistics.

I place football bets by using my own knowledge and some statistics that i find on the internet. But all of this is not enough a reliable font of information.

I want to create statistical models that transform years of data and research into one simple number: the probability (%) of a teams win.

I want to create machine that gives u the best statistical predictions that will help you improve profits. By using created statistical model, analysis and staying true to betting models and your picks over time you will have a consistent profit from football bets.

Using Enigma technology for calling/providing statistics we can bring blockchain industry to real use case. Betting industry market in 2018 are currently standing over 50 billion which brings more than half global population to one place. Enigma blockchain statistical analysis .

Would love to have developer oppinion on this so i can give u my full vision of a project.