SNAC - TokoCrypto Exchange Listing (I.G.C.)

Hello All!

The I.G.C has been working on getting SCRT listed on an Indonesian exchange. This is the detailed proposal/requirements of the listing on TokoCrypto, a reputable and popular exchange.

They are open to accepting SCRT directly as payment. We are excited to be a part of this process and looking forward to securing the funding needed!

Total Ask: $20,000

  • This will cover not only the listing cost but also the marketing campaigns that Tokocrypto plans on implementing like community events, press releases, and social media marketing.

Thank you!

The I.G.C Team


This is great for the Secret Network and would raise visibility on the project in South East Asia !

Great work IGC :handshake:


Agreed, SE Asia is quite a big market.

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This will no doubt be huge for the Secret Network.

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This will be huge specially in South East Asian region. Tokocrypto has more 1 Million users.

Local listing/s will create more awareness and education about the insane potential and use case of Secret Network in Asean and even whole Asia and may drive local investors and developers to build and participate in the privacy hub.

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