SNAC - Streamline the Secret Agent Introduction


Streamline the Secret Agent Introduction


Dumdidum | 𝕊001

Executive Summary

Secret Agents are a key component in accelerating the awareness, growth, and adoption of Secret Network. However, Agents only have added value if they are active and engaged. Based on current agent activity vs agent signups/ranking there is room for improvement. To start we have to ensure a new agent is properly introduced, has access to relevant information, and understands how they are able to contribute and take ownership of their role with the unique set competencies they bring to the Network.

Strategic Goals

  1. Increase organic traffic to the Agent website (create program awareness)
  2. Rewrite/structure Agent introduction (ensure user-friendly experience)
  3. Provide a groomed set of resources (avoid information overload, ensure actionable intro)
  4. Introduce agent-touch-base (build a community)


Total agent signups p/week
Total weekly active agents
Total agent missions points p/week


Week 1:

  • Develop/rewrite new-agent landing page on Secret Agent HQ and upload
  • Rewrite Discord introduction with correct links and replace
  • Create a forum section/post with a pinned message with links for agent recruitment

Week 2:

  • Develop the sign-up form to capture the recruit’s interest and competencies
  • Build groomed lists of resources for each agent type (likely to be captured on Secret Agent HQ)
  • Introduce the new sign-up form in the sign-up process

Week 3:

  • Develop a low-cost (time) method for agent touch-base moments (walk-ins, meeting, forum topic, Twitter, could be a form (more scalable, but less personal) or other ideas, open to feedback). Potentially experiment what method creates most engagement and refine from there

Stretch ideas

  • Create a ~60-second video about the Secret Agent program to support all of the above
  • Include an introduction to SNACs as a way to take ownership and build the Network together

Resources Required

  • Time (mine) to rewrite introductions/changes/site text etc,
  • Time from awareness committee to validate/feedback
  • Time from Discord admin to implement changes
  • Time from Secret Agent HQ site owner to implement changes
  • Time from Committee (leads) to build a groomed list of resources for their respective committee
  • Time-continuous / role to organize the agent touch-base moments

Stretch resources

  • Funds to hire video creator/editor, similar style like the 60-second introduction to Secret Network for example (I can’t put a $ on this, anyone?)
  • SNAC introduction would take extra time to write things up (no biggie)

@RiskSC @fuzzzypizzza @Brendan sounds like you’d be appropriate co-owners of this SNAC? Seeing as how it touches existing content / Agent website quite a bit.

Otherwise it doesn’t appear this needs any further approval or resourcing, and I personally favor this!

It also highlights that we should be reporting regularly on the suggested KPIs above. @Dumdidum-001 this could be part of the output of this SNAC, weekly reporting on the forum focused on the Agent program specifically.


Yep. I was telling DumDiDum he’s able to just work directly with us to grow the program! We do in fact already report all of these KPIs weekly in the meetings, but as mentioned I think a focus on the forum makes complete sense. I like the video idea!


Approval is one thing. A good discussion is another :slight_smile: I do wholeheartedly invite other community members, in particular recent secret agency recruits, to share their thoughts on what could be improved.

What did you miss in your onboarding that could have accelerated you settling in? Or what do you still miss today?

I will include the forum into the plan and get working on the various deliverables

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