SNAC: Short Motion Graphics Informative Videos

SNAC: Short Motion Graphics Informative Videos

1. About this SNAC

Take a moment to think about how you consume the majority of online content every day. Sure, you may read in depth blog posts and watch 30-min videos when you have an interest in something. But in order to spark that initial interest, you first need to be exposed to that topic, often in bite-sized units with enough frequency.

This is why having short animated informative videos is key to reaching a wider audience.

They can quickly deliver a message about an important use case or share special updates from our network, like our SecretSwap launch or the recent Secret Heroes release. They’re easy to consume and easy to share. And they can be an important asset in spreading Secret Network’s benefits to the masses that are getting into crypto lately.

Here’s 2 videos in the same format that I made for HappyCoin, another crypto project that wanted to share this week’s updates within their own community:

2. SNAC Leader

Vitor Acacio
insta / twitter / reddit: @itsvitoracacio
linked in: in/vitoracacio

I’m a marketer with over 5 years of experience managing online projects and teams. I’ve worked on international projects ranging from website & forum development to book production & launch to clothes designers & solar power companies advertising campaigns. I joined the Secret Network Community in the beginning of the year and this is the project where I have the largest portion of my investments. I’d be thrilled to be a part of its growth.

3. Strategic Goals and Related Committees

This SNAC is directly related to education and awareness, two key aspects of boosting adoption of the Secret Network within the larger crypto community.

4. KPIs

  • Main KPI: number of videos released per month; based on the agreed upon number (see below).

  • Secondary KPI: social media stats: gathered from the team in charge of our social media accounts.

5. Implementation Notes & Details

Application & Impact:

The focus of this proposal is to produce the videos, not distribute them. So the goal is to make them available to the whole Secret Network Community to use it however we want.

With that, these informative videos will arm our social media account managers, our secret agents, the ambassadors around the world and all our other distribution channels to promote the project and achieve each of these groups’ goals.

Besides the obvious use to promote our project, some of the not so obvious applications of having current short animated informative videos would be to:

  • Condense Medium articles, Tweets, Blog posts and any other content already produced by our education committee in and easily digestible way;
  • Get the attention of an important event at which one of our members might want to be featured as a speaker;
  • Quickly brief social media influencers and content creators on what they can focus on while creating content about the Secret Network.

How the video topics will be determined:

In order to make sure we’re using our resources in the best way possible, we will collaborate with our committee members and our social media account managers to choose topics that will be relevant for them.

The larger community will also be able to suggest topics and give qualitative feedback to help improve future videos.

Video length

The average length of the videos is 45 seconds. They may vary between 30-60 seconds, which is usually determined by the topic of the video.

6. Project Timeline, Funding Needed and Funding Schedule

The initial project timeline will be 6 months.

At the 2 month mark, the project may be reviewed by the approvers and may be suspended in case they are unsatisfied with its performance.

The initial 6 month period may be extended by another 6 months at a time depending on the community feedback, approvers allowance and additional budget availability.

Budget per video: $500

  • Project management: $50
  • Script writing: $125
  • Copyrighted graphics & music licenses: $100
  • Video animation: $225

The number of videos and frequency of the video production can be done in one of the two ways below

OPTION 1: budget per month: $4000

  • 8 videos per month, which is roughly 2 videos per week

OPTION 2: budget per month: $2000

  • 4 videos per month, which is roughly 1 video per week

Total funding needed:

  • If we go with Option 1: $500 per video x 8 videos per month x 6 months = $24,000
  • If we go with Option 2: $500 per video x 4 videos per month x 6 months = $12,000

At the beginning of each month, we would need that month’s full budget to produce the amount of videos determined by the chosen option.


Hi Vitor, I hope you are doing well. I really like the concept behind your SNAC. I think short videos that flash some facts are useful and will help people that aren’t interested by reading walls of text.

I just wanted to ask, do you have a wider portfolio of videos just to see if you have executed on different styles yet?

Now thats more like it.
Those videos are fire.
Good job.

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First of all thanks for posting and exploring the SNACs program! Do you have more of a portfolio? Are you creating these videos? Are you using after effects templates? What channels for distribution are you using? As of this post I don’t see a specific ask for a SNAC, but rather a portfolio and pricing for freelance work if desired.

Hey @orageux101. Sure!

I think the style above is usually the ideal for this type of informative video, but I am 100% open in exploring other styles.

Here’s another video I’ve delivered to another crypto project: O1T Pricing Goals

And this is my main artist’s motion graphics reel (non crypto related): Rafael’s Animation Reel

Rafael and I work together for many years now and he’s been involved in many of the projects I mentioned.

Hey @Brendan! First of all, thanks for your video on staking, that’s how I learned what to do and all :smiley:

On my reply above to orageux101 you can find the animation work I’ve been involved with until now.

As for your other questions, I work with a small team of a scriptwriter and that motion graphics artist mentioned above. The graphics are a mix of after effects templates and original creatives.

We only produce the videos, after they’re delivered, they can be distributed anywhere. Some of these videos on the reel were posted on YouTube, and some of them aired on a local TV network.

You’re right, I really do this kind of work as a freelancer. And the reason I thought it would fit in the SNACs program was for the cooperation potential with other teams within the community.

Do you think this proposal should be adjusted to best fit the SNACs program? e.g. I’ve considered opening the scriptwriter and motion graphics artist position for people within the community to apply on a per video basis, so we had a rotation of styles; and I’ve also considered having the video topics be determined by an open community vote. However, I thought that it would only overcomplicate the execution and by keeping it closed to a few stakeholders (social media account managers and committee members) would make it more focused and organised.

Any feedback on that would be much appreciated!

edit: clarification


Would you be able to create a 1 minute SCRT video content that drew inspiration from this YouTube content creator ?

After Skool - YouTube

Love it!
This is the exact type of proposal that fits the SNAC program.
Your samples and reel are adequate, and your pricing seems fair to me. It adds value, I sincerely hope you are getting funded.

Hey @oljo. From what I understood you mean creating a video having SCRT as the topic, but on this explanation and video style that you showed.

That would be doable, yes. But the way I view it is that’s more of an educational 2nd tier content. Meaning people who watch it already have some interest on the topic before watching it. Another thing is that a voiceover seem to be crucial for this type of video, and that hasn’t been taken into account on the budget above.

The idea with the proposed videos is to be attention grabbing, easy to consume and easy to share. With the main goal being presenting the Secret Network to people who don’t know it yet or who know it but haven’t really taken the time to look into what it’s all about. But of course, this is open to discussion.

@Erwin Thanks for the feedback! Really hoping it gets approved :smiley:

Hey @itsvitoracacio ,

The Awareness Committee and Committee Leads have discussed this proposal. We’ve noted your portfolio and availability to work on open projects, but the way this has been proposed thus far is more of an available freelancer than a specific proposal. SNACs should be as specific as possible. While you’ve provided some examples of past work it seems to lack a specific plan for what will be created in relation to Secret Network, where they it will be distributed, what will be the measurable KPIs, or how this particular SNAC and leveraging your services will increase engagement. If it depends on our own internal distribution channels how does this differ from seeking out a freelancer to create content?

We also have concerns about how to judge the price/quality. A SNAC would not be passed for $24,000 without first testing the quality of one video.

Thanks for reviewing it in the meeting and for the feedback, @Brendan! I’ll put something together and update this accordingly.

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