SNAC Secret Family - A grassroots educational workshop initiative


Four interactive workshop events, at the rhythm of 1 every 12 weeks, with the 1st one starting 4 weeks after this proposal is approved. Here are the event titles and topics covered.

  1. Private NFTs [digital art]: ScaryLooking (Stashh)
  • What are Secret NFTs & what advantages do they have over public-by-default NFTs?
  • What tools do NFT Artists & Creators have at their disposal within Secret Network?
  • How can we leverage the private metadata layer to give extra value to our community?
  • How can we mint a collection of Secret NFTs or badges on the network
  1. Validator Setup [technical]: presentation on setting up a node @pmuecke (SecretSauce)
  • What is a proof-of-stake network & what role does a validator play?
  • Who are delegators & why are they important?
  • How do validators operate as a business?
  • How to get started running a node on a Cosmos SDK network.
  1. Private DAOs [governance]: presentation and debate on decentralised governance and privacy (@7Two1 & Skrillah).
  • Where have centralised voting systems failed us in the past?
  • Why does voting need to be private?
  • Why do we need private decentralised voting systems?
  • How can we set them up in our communities & organisations?
  1. Digital Privacy and Freedom [philosophy]: presentation and debates on internet privacy in Web2 and Web3 (@SecretSkrillah).
  • What does it mean to have control of your data
  • Where has Web2 failed us with regard to privacy
  • Where has Web3 begun to address these issues
  • What can we do now to maintain sovereignty over our data

The Ask

Total Funding: 1000€ per event. We will ask for funding for each event separately as we refine the format & our needs over time. Please note the currency in € not $.

Funding Breakdown for each event:

  • Venue: 300€. Price for venues for 3-4h usually varies between 200 and 400€.
  • Organiser (Adrien): 100€. 5h at 20€ per hour.
  • Web3 Family: 100€. This goes into the multisig for orgs expenses (swags, stickers, web hosting, etc).
  • Flights for speakers who are not from Barcelona: roughly 200€ per event.
  • Video recording: 300€ per event.

Full disclosure of funds spent will be provided & any remaining after an event will go towards the next workshop.


  • Number of attendees with photos of the crowd (with consent) as proof.
  • Number of attendants getting NFTs/Badges from the event.
  • Number of attendants becoming Secret Agents.
  • Number of teams that decide to build on Secret as a result of attendance.


While running events in Barcelona as part of Web3 Family, we usually get between 30 and 50 attendees.

The audience type depends on the type of event done, i.e. more devs come for more technical events, and more creatives come for NFT-focused events. We will tailor each workshop to meet the technical level of those we think will attend, based on our experience.

Our goal is to provide both practical education on how to use Secret Network & also increase consciousness of the importance of privacy in Web3. We would also love to craft a workshop events formula that can be exported & used by Secret Agents all over the world in their communities.

Who: Proposers


Founding member of Web3 Family, I have run dozens of events since 2018 as part of crypto communities. That includes GenesisDAO and FestDAO (of DAOstack), PolkaDAO, Ethereum Developer Meetup, Barcelona Blockchain Love, Crypto Kitchen, Ethereum Barcelona Association, and more. More on


Member of Web3 Family, Awareness Committee Lead at Secret Network. Growth Hacker at WhisperNode. Responsible for restructuring & growing the Secret Agents Program into a highly active worldwide crypto & privacy education tool.

We are both united in the belief that grassroots community education is the key to mass adoption and want to see Web3 constructed the right way: with protection, data sovereignty & privacy for new users.

Who: Web3 Family

Web3 Family is a Barcelona-based grassroots crypto community. We meet IRL, eat together, debate NFTs, Web3, shitcoins, bitcoin, eth2, cross-chain, DeFi, adoption, UX, and much more. Our community has 350+ members only after running 5 events over a couple of months. Our members have very diverse backgrounds ranging from total beginners to power users (hardcore crypto natives, degens, VC’s & more).

We promote the responsible adoption of a multichain Web3 paradigm via events that can take the form of presentations, debates, workshops, dinners, and more. We also act as a bridge between the different “family members” by connecting relevant people when they need it, for instance associating potential employers with potential employees, potential investors with potential investments, and so on.

We publish our events on

Few pictures of past events:

100 Agent points to anyone who can spot Skrillah in this next one :wink:

We invite the community to give feedback below:

What workshops would you like to see in the series?
Would anyone like to travel to us to present a workshop related to your dApp or project?
Would you love to run some events in your city?

Thanks & keep it SCRT!


Hi everyone, Adrien here of Web3 Family. Excited to see this proposal published and getting to collab with Skrillah who’s been awesome to spend time with at the meetups. Secret Fam is gonna be a great event series, good turn ups, nice venues, more secret agents, more web3 education, good vibes…


KPIs look great and I think the power of high quality IRL events is palpable. Looks like there is already a great network in place and momentum to leverage into these workshops. I’m a fan of this.

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This looks super cool. I’m willing to work with PopeBlack to set up similar events under the same conditions here in Nigeria.
We can start creating a network of valuable individuals to that effect. Totally in support of this.


Thanks Prof & Pope! We would love to work with you on the Nigeria initiative, share what works & how we can bring the most value to these events. Grassroots education is the key to success for these technologies!

I hope you are well & I continue to be amazed by the amount of work you guys are doing over there. :v:


I really like this proposal. It’s very well laid out what’s going to happen and what the KPIs are (which look very sensible).
The ask is very reasonable for these type of events and I agree that IRL meets often do a lot more to bring people into a project.

The only question I have is, the proposal says that any left over from the events is carried over to the next. What would happen after the last one if there is some left over?


Great opportunity to welcome more quality community that is fully aligned with our values and vision, as well as to attract more talent at the development level. :shushing_face:

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This proposal and the previous events seem very well thought out and organized. I agree that this is a direct way to onboard active users and the grassroots style lines up with the requested ask.

One question, will there be an easy strategy to sign up agents and a way that participants at the event will get their hands dirty/active at the event? This seems like an opportunity where those excited would partake quickly instead of, “go home visit this link, sign up on your own, etc”.

I support this :slight_smile:

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Thanks Melch for the kind words :slight_smile:

Yes, we will sign up everyone as Agents using the quick onboarding quest in the new UI, this will set them up with the Keplr/Starshell wallet and everything else they need to complete the workshop. :male_detective:

And yes we intend to get very very hands-on! For the first workshop we will get them to create and mint their own Secret Badge using the Stashh interface. We intend to play around with the format whether it is a short presentation at the start followed by a practical NFT creation session, or several practical sessions with breakouts for discussion around the topics of privacy & NFT’s.

The Web3 Family loves to engage & debate each other so it’s likely we will throw a roundtable section in there too after the practical is done.

Also, note the gaps between events which gives us time to tweak, get feedback and adapt the next workshops to the latest emerging tech on Secret. For example, it would be great to get people to set up and contribute to a DAO on SecretDAO for our Private DAO’s & governance workshop. Or utilise JACKAL’s files storage solutions for the Digital Privacy & Freedom workshop.

If you want to brainstorm a workshop related to Shade, that would be great!


I echo a lot of the previous replies; I appreciate the structure and general depth that this proposal provides, and love the approach that it takes to grassroots education and in-person onboarding.

I have some additional ideas that I wanted to share, that could be of interest.

Would tracking the engagement of any agents/teams onboarded into the ecosystem be possible?

I was thinking that it could be beneficial to put together a simple survey/questionnaire to rate their experience within the ecosystem, relative to the capacity in which they got involved. On an opt in basis, potentially providing agent points, with the intent to gauge the current experience of new users of the network with tools like the new Agents UI in mind. On top of this, we could ask if there were any specific pain points they encountered on their journey, what their preferred channel is for continuous network engagement is, and what they think could be beneficial to improving the processes they went through.

Maybe this could be provided to the attendees as a questline in the UI to be completed a week or so after they first join the system?

Anyways, this was just a random thought that came to mind. Love what the proposal offers as is, I’m fully supportive of the initiative.

Cheers Draki!

Yes we can absolutely put a questionnaire together to gauge engagement in the ecosystem after the workshops, through the new Agents UI.

We would love to create an sBadge series for these events and a special certificate through CertUp to recognise that they have completed them all too, for those that attend all of the sessions! :slight_smile:


Looks good to me! Reasonable cost for the impact. Great to see IRL events taking off.


Looks really good, great to see more IRL events in the pipeline! :man_detective: :+1:


This proposal looks well planned/written. The KPIs is top-notch. Kudos!

Guess you would love to add Secret Network programmable/customizable privacy with major focus on the viewing keys and permits.


looks good, nice plan, nice budget.

Can we get a video recording of the session? A simple handheld mic connected to a simple Camera will probably do. I imagine some of these talks would be great for future reference on youtube.


Thanks @votor133t, any leftover will either be returned or we may put through another proposal for another workshop series, focussing on some of the newer technologies & dApps on the network.

Love the idea @SecretSkrillah, think IRL events are a great way to onboard new people, especially while the hype of the bull market is gone.

A few other ideas for workshops:

  • A more practical version of the Privacy workshop, e.g. “How to protect your privacy online” / “How to become an online ninja :ninja:t2:” => Educate on all the ways you leak data online + give the tools / help people create a setup to protect their privacy as much as possible. Could also include setting up a Brave browser, VPN service—here we could form partnerships with IVPN for example. And then taking people through the Private Wallet tutorials we’ve created.

  • A DeFi workshop, where we educate people on what it is, the benefits of DeFi vs “traditional banking” explain the different tools out there, and help them set these up => The question is whether a bear market is the right time to do this though… is there a reason why you left out anything DeFi related?

Where I live (Lisbon, Portugal) would also be a great place to organize these workshops as there’s a very lively crypto community. If anyone’s interested in co-organizing these let me know :slight_smile: I’m experienced at facilitating and public speaking, but not the organizing part. Else I’ll put out the word here to see who else I can involve.


Great idea! I will try to be there, and as someone mentioned above Portugal could be a nice place for do some kind of event too, crypto “friendly” country with a big growing community.

The idea of a Privacy workshop sounds amazing too btw…


We consulted with some video teams in Barcelona & got a quote of €300 per workshop session, thats now been added to the ask.

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Thanks for the brilliant feedback @evelien!

Really love this idea! Perhaps this can be an additional workshop to add to the course, I have some free IVPN passes from Monerokon to use as well :wink:

Yes we don’t want to expose anyone to the risks of DeFi during a bear market, perhaps when skies are blue we can revisit :slight_smile:

Would love to work with the Web3 family over there in Lisbon & organise some more of these events. It also saves us money if we can send speakers from BCN to LIS as flights are often very cheap between the two cities!

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