SNAC - Raise awareness for the Chinese community

Hi again Kelvin, hope you are well.

A few things from me.

-I can strongly say that I would love to have you join the International Agent Program, and to get you started growing through that. You obviously want to grow Secret Network and help bring it to China, and we do too.

-If you are interested in joining our Program, and I hope you are, I want to let you know that we typically compensate each Agent 75 scrt per month for approximately 10 hours of work in that month (some put in more work than others and then get compensated more). This is for the scope of being an admin for your language chats, translating key documents that are then posted(a few per month), creating clever ways to grow your channels, and generally answering questions and summarizing the major events that are happening in the Secret Network to your channels. For the Global Agent Coordinators we compensate typically 150 SCRT per agent per month, and this adds responsibilities on top of those already stated including recruitment/onboard/management of Global Agents, extra meetings, and more involvement in the content that gets distributed.

  • For the many other things that you want to do such as social media management, SEO optimization, major translations, and your own content creation I would want to help you get more funding for that by slightly modifying this SNAC once you have joined, and after we have the full scope of work figured out. Two quick things I want to comment on:
  1. Does it make sense to have a complete translated website for a language/region where we do not really have a presence yet? I had a similar idea myself, but thought implementing it once we have established communities for non-english speakers. (disclaimer - I speak one language and am ignorant as such. Let me know if this thinking is incorrect. I can see the benefit on translating a few main pages, but maybe not the entire site as it seems as though we should grow the community first/the return on that work may be low as of now. Long term it’s a great idea. I also do not know how difficult this would be to implement on the developer side)

  2. As for funding for a full year, I would say it would be reasonable to ask for month by month funding based on KPI’s. Some committees (like ours) in the network get 3 months of funding at a time, and by the nature of the project I think month by month should be agreeable.

Summary - We would love to bring you and your partner on as agents, and then help secure funding for further work once the scope and timeline is fully understood between us. Again, I’d love to talk on over discord voice chat if you are open to it so we can introduce ourselves and pick each other’s brains.

Thank you!

This is definitely much needed to bring more awareness to the chinese investors. I thought that NEAR Protocol has done a really good job promoting on WeChat, are you confident that you can do the same?

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your comment.

I appreciated your intention to have me joining the International Agent Program. My concern is, if any chance that this SNAC will be approved, I feel like I am getting a double reward for doing the same work, and it may not be fair for others who are also contributing. As you have mentioned, we all want to grow Secret Network therefore I would love to help if there’s anything I can do for the International Agent Program.

A quick response to your comments:

  1. You have a great point here. My idea is to separate the translation of the website in different phases. At the beginning, I think we have to translate at least the few main pages as you have mentioned, so that we can put the link in different social media platforms and the WeChat posts, which will make them look at lot better and the reader will feel we have the full support for the Chinese community. Then we will gradually translate the remaining pages and blogs later and feed these links to the social media accounts. WeChat may not need these links because the nature of WeChat posts are already rich in content. On the other hand, Weibo, Facebook and IG usually have less content, thus the posts itself may be a summary and the links for the blogs/news in Chinese will be needed if the reader wants to learn more. On the developer side, I believe there is a backend portal managing the blog posts and news. For the other static information, we might have to translate directly in the code, but I don’t think that will be very difficult as we are not changing the design and layout, unless we want a multilingual site, that will be a little more complicated.

  2. I don’t usually do month by month as building social media accounts takes too much time and effort, especially at the beginning. But I understand there are many concerns in the community, and I am willing to do 3 months at a time if that’s possible.

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Yes, Near has done a pretty good job on their WeChat account. On average the posts view rate is about 500, and there is one of two even reaching 1600, which is pretty good indeed. I believe I can at least do the same for Secret Network. Please note that NEAR started their WeChat account in July 2019, I will try my best to pick up the pace, but it is unlikely we can achieve the same the first month we start the work.

Hey Kelvin, I think, emphasis on the think, that Jeremy’s idea is for you to join the International Agent Programme as opposed to running this alone as a SNAC.

Oh, I thought Jeremy is looking to having me to join the International Agent Programme and help me to get the funding through SNAC?

Hey Kelvin,

Thank you for being considerate of the other contributors! I do think that if you choose to join us that we would adjust the ask amount for funding on the SNAC so it’s not double funded, and so we are understanding of scope and the timeline. At this point if you’re open to talking more feel free to message/talk message my discord account I posted earlier.