SNAC - Raise awareness for the Chinese community

SNAC - Raise awareness for the Chinese community

SNAC team and leader
Kelvin K

Executive Summary
Create educational content and raise awareness for the Chinese community using different social media platforms and marketing tools targeting the people in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Manage the social media accounts and post contents on a regular basis.

A Chinese version of website will gain trusts and have more exposure in general. I am happy to translate the Secret Network website and blogs into Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Reason for this campaign
Chinese community is one of the top actively trading communities in cryptocurrencies. With more than 1.4 billion population in the mentioned region, it is obvious and worth putting resources in and to gain exposure.

The number of followers on the social media accounts, likes, and interaction.

Building social media accounts usually takes a lot of time. I propose to start with a 1 year contract.

Implementation Notes/Details/Technicals

Social Media

  1. Create and set up Social media accounts on WeChat, Weibo(Simplified Chinese, people from China), Facebook and Instagram(Traditional Chinese, people from Hong Kong and Taiwan).
  2. Create 2-5 posts for educational contents, news and update on Secret Network per week on each platform, including layouts and designs.
  3. Interact with the community on a daily basis, answering questions and help them using the Secret Network including the Secret Finance and bridges.
  4. Accurately divert traffic of people who are interested in crypto from other sources.
  5. May consider using influencer marketing in the mentioned region to gain exposure fast.

Secret Homepage

  1. Translate a Chinese version for Secret Network Homepage to gain trust. I think the Secret Network Homepage is build with Vue. If I can get in touch with the development team and make a clone, I will be able to translate two versions for Traditional and Simplified Chinese respectively.
  2. Researching Chinese keywords for Search Engine Optimization.

Resources Required
I am proposing to manage the Chinese community in the Asia Pacific region. It will take a lot of time to plan and create contents for different social media platforms as the layouts and contents may vary. It may also requires resources to divert traffic from other sources, such as influencers. Therefore I am asking for 2000SCRT each month, inclusive all the costs relating to the campaign and my time.


Hi, doesn’t this fall under the secure secret global committee ? Are you in contact with them ?

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Probably share the same sentiment as @apudhd, I think this falls under the International Growth Committee already.

Hi, thanks for reply. So there’s another committee forum that I should post there?
@orageux101 @apudhd

Hi Kelvin, please see the Proposal made by the International Growth committee to see what they do (International Agent Program / International Growth Committee v.2). This is led by @JeremySchipper and @Dalton.

I think it would be prudent to get in touch with them to offer your resources and see how you can best work together!

Hi there Kelvin. I love that you want to grow your community more than it is now! We do have a program that focuses on growing international communities, and language channels already, and I think parts of what you want to do with the website/awareness development goes into other committees as well. I would love to connect on this, my discord account is Jeremy Schipper#2157

I think it’s important to dedicate a lot of effort into this as opposed to bundling it in with the International Growth committee. As has been said time and time again, overlap does not seem to be an issue with community efforts/committees. China is a massive market, so having a focused, dedicated push to attract people and entities from this market is vital. I support this idea.

Hi @JeremySchipper, I have read your post, it is well thought out and I definitely agree that it’s exactly what SCRT needs, and that’s why I came up with this proposal. I will definitely add your discord and we can probably discuss further.

I also agree with @Elie, the Chinese community is a huge market, containing China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And it always require a lot of efforts and funds to develop a market with that size. Most of my friends have not heard of Secret Network in China and it’s no doubt that there’s a lot of works need to be done. I am sure what I am planning to do will add a lot of value to the Secret Network and thanks Elie for your support.

And thanks to @orageux101 for the link to the post. It’s right there in the forum and I didn’t see it :sweat_smile:

Kelvin, I do like the idea of strengthening our brand in the Chinese market. However, this isn’t actually an overlap in specification, rather cannibalising a specific part of the existing specification agreed by the community with the International Growth Committee.

That’s the reason why I recommended you join the International Growth Committee as either a Global Agent Co-ordinator or a Global Agent.

However, looking forward to hearing other people’s views.

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Hi again Kelvin!

I wanted to ping in again and see if you wanted to reach out at all to talk about your project. I can also leave more specific feedback on here directly if that is what you want to do. Not a problem at all either way. I think a bit more information that I would like to see is

  1. A bit about yourself and your experiences in crypto and in a professional setting(Not asking for specifics and giving away your identity if you aren’t comfortable with that. Wanting to get a general sense of who you are and what you do/have done)
  2. How you plan on collaborating with/integrating into existing initiatives if you are going to
  3. If you think the content creation will be mainly focused on translating existing content (and so working with education/awareness on that) or if you would make your own content primarily
  4. A breakdown of the funding you are requesting

Thank you!

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Share the same sentiments as @apudhd @orageux101. I think it is more suited to be under International Growth Committee, to be overseen by them, as opposed to a brand new committee focusing on Chinese market alone.

@JeremySchipper @Dalton how is the International Growth Committee focusing on Chinese speaking market? Have yall already identified resources and funding for supporting an Asia push?

I can see International Growth Committee coordinating and overseeing efforts, but I side with @Elie and believe that the Chinese market is complex and large enough to have additional resources focused specifically on spreading awareness in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The proposal looks to manage social media, website, SEO, and educational content which I think is worth a 2000 scrt/month ask if efforts are not already underway. However, I don’t necessarily agree with funding a full 1 year of expenses without a proven track record in our ecosystem. @Kelvin what is your background and network in crypto?

Also, I think the Secret Foundation @tor @Carter-Woetzel have already contracted Chinese ambassadors who are helping our project grow market presence in Asia . Curious to hear how Kelvin can possibly add or assist in existing efforts.


Hi Jeremy,

I apologize I have been very busy these couple of days and haven’t been able to initiate a chat with you on discord. I’d love to provide any further information and I think posting here might be a good idea as others who are interested can see.

  1. I started my marketing career during 2017 in Taiwan. Since then, my main focus is to provide digital marketing services targeting the local market in Taiwan. The services I provided included social media marketing ie. Facebook page management, content creation and Facebook ads. I also build simple static websites, ecommerce websites, and perform SEO and SEM. Later in 2019, I saw a great pump in demand for Chinese digital marketing, so I started to look into it, discovering strategies and tools including Douyin(Chinese version of Tiktok ), WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book and more. I switched to do more Chinese marketing beginning the year 2020. To be honest, I didn’t get into crypto until late 2020, but I have been trying to catch up and learn among different projects and the technology behind them, not just reading whitepapers, news and following different social medias, I set up nodes for some PoW and PoS blockchain, try to get a deeper understanding about the internet of blockchain. I have started to learn about the cosmos sdk which SCRT is based on and CosmWasm which is a module enabling contracts being deployed on chain. I hope my basic knowledge about crypto together with my marketing professionalism will make a good fit enabling me to create informative and persuasive contents for people to get interested in SCRT.

  2. I am happy to collaborating with/integrating into existing initiatives. In fact, I don’t think that really matters as we all work towards the same goal. One thing that I concern the most is that I would like to initiate the plans and works to be done for the targeted market.

  3. I will say both. For the website, I think it will be better to do direct translation to maintain consistency. But for the social media accounts, I will probably have some content created by myself to have a more down to earth approach with local news and events.

  4. My funding request is 2000SCRT per month, here’s the breakdown:
    a. 600SCRT for myself, for time spent on translation and content creation for WeChat and Weibo (China), Facebook and Instagram(Hong Kong and Taiwan). It couldn’t be simple copy and paste for all of the platforms as they all have different content lengths and layouts, especially for WeChat.
    b. 600SCRT of my partner, who is responsible for the design part. She will create the ark work, images, layouts and styling, especially for the WeChat posts.
    c. The remaining 800SCRT will be used as resources to pay for traffic and other costs, including but not limited to influencer marketing, pay ads, hosting (sometimes server outside the China firewall will not be accessible by Chinese users), WeChat registration fee etc. 800SCRT is just a rough estimation, for some months less resources will be spent but being accumulated, as influencer marketing can be expensive if their base is large, which may cost more than 800SCRT for a single content diversion.


I am glad that quite a few people are interested in developing the Chinese market.

I understand 1 year may sound quite long, but building social media accounts especially from the ground requires loads of time. Obviously it is not the minimum time frame in the industry, but usually it makes more sense because of how time consuming it is. I provided a brief background of myself in the reply to Jeremy, hope that will help.

Not sure about what are the works being done by the Chinese ambassadors, but I would be more than happy to help with anything I am capable of.


I think any resources we get for awareness is a plus, however granting 12 months without no reflective period seems a bit on the steep end.

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A few questions I would be interested to know:

  1. Again, how does this de-conflict or overlap with the work done/undergoing/in progress by the international growth committee? Would there be no Chinese Global Agent under that committee then? The culture in mainland China is different from that of cantonese-speaking Hong Kong or Taiwan.

  2. Are we proposing to classify communities who speak the same language as the same? In that sense, then Brazilian should be classified as Portuguese speaking as well. And so on and so forth.

At the heart of the proposal, given the scale of things, I fear 2000 SCRT is an under-estimate of the amount of work needed. I still think it would be better to park under the International Growth Committee. Otherwise, this could lead to someone starting a Portuguese communities comprising of Portugal and Brazil, or a spanish communities comprising of Spain and the South Americas sans Brazil.

@maleficarum Thanks for your reply.

  1. You are right, the culture, language (speaking/writing) varies for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Most people in China speaks mandarin, with simplified Chinese. Whereas Hong Kong and Taiwan people read/write traditional Chinese, but Hong Kong people speaks Cantonese and Taiwan people speaks mandarin. Of course there are also different types of Chinese dialects, but we are talking about the main stream here only. Just a little more background of myself, I was born and grow up in Hong Kong, my parents are from China so I travel to China from time to time. I have been working in Taiwan since 2017 for a few years, I believe I have a strong understanding on different cultures, languages, style of writing and speaking.

  2. Apparently different markets should have different initiatives and their marketing plans, strategies and tools being used. You got the point if we separate every language speaking markets, there will be tons of committees. I don’t think Chinese is special or superior, but we have to admit that the population base is large. Therefore time, efforts and resources spent towards developing this market will be more. In my opinion, it may seem reasonable to separate few of the larger markets for better supports and allocate more resources. It may well be more efficient as the the works and efforts are all towards the same targeted market. That being said, it does not necessary mean I refuse to be monitored, I am more than happy to provide progress reports to ensure works are being done properly.

If you look at the value of SCRT today, I can agree no more that 2000SCRT seems to be under estimate for the amount of works. But I am willing to do so because I have faith in SCRT, like everybody here, and I can see exponential growth in the future. And I think that I should not ask for too much because the development of SCRT is still a long way to go, and we should have resources ready for other meaning proposals.

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Given China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies, will this have impact?

Hi @maleficarum

This may lead to a discussion towards the recent FUD and manipulation as a whole for the crypto market. The most important point is that China did not ban individuals trading cryptocurrencies, nor banning crypto transfer among peers. Crypto appears to have increasing exposure in different social media platforms. I believe not just China, but a lot of countries now started to regulate cryptocurrencies, this is the trend and must be done before blockchain technology can be adopted in our daily live. So no, I don’t think it will have impact.

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Hi Darren! We are still looking for a Global Agent to head the growth for China (hoping Kelvin might be looking to do that). In Asia, we also want to be sure we are pushing growth with our Agents and so would want to help them pursue further funding with SNAC’s that would be similar to this one.