SNAC Proposal: Secret Network Video Series for DeFi Community

SNAC Proposal: Secret Network Video Series for DeFi Community


Michael Vander Meiden aka “The Blockchain Guy” on Youtube.

Long time Secret Agent :slight_smile:

Channel Info:

Proposal Summary

  • This proposal is for a 3 part video series to be published on YouTube
  • Video topics will be covered as follows:
    • Video 1 - Secret Network Overview
      • Technical explanation
      • Current ecosystem overview
      • Pros & cons vs other networks
      • The amazing DeFi applications that privacy can unlock/improve
    • Video 2 - Secret Onboarding Tutorial
      • Walkthrough of moving funds across bridge and into Secret Ecosystem
    • Video 3 - DeFi Overview & tutorial
      • Overview of DeFi dapps on Secret Network
      • Yield farming opportunities on these Dapps
      • Walkthrough of using one Dapp
    • (Bonus) Youtube shorts teaser for overview video to drive traffic to the series

Strategic Goals

  • The goal of these videos is to drive awareness & adoption of Secret Network among a technical and DeFi-native audience

KPIs & Asks

  • Main KPI
    • The publishing of each video on “The Blockchain Guy” youtube channel.
      • Each video with well-researched script, custom graphics, title, and thumbnail
    • Ask: 100 SCRT, released on video being published
  • Bonus target KPI
    • Video to get over 20,000 views within 12 months
    • Ask: 100 SCRT per video to hit this milestone
  • Total: 300 SCRT (100/video) with potential for additional 300 SCRT (100/video) if all 3 videos reach 20k+ views

Notes on Video Quality:

I routinely spend 15-30 hours on each of my videos. A lot of time is put into deep research, scripting, and custom graphics for the videos. I work really hard to break down complex/technical concepts into easy-to-understand analogies and to keep the audience engaged. If the quality of any video above does not exceed the expectations of the secret committee leads, I’m happy to cancel the grant for the remaining videos.


  • 1 video per week after SNAC approval
  • 3 weeks for completion of series

I’ve long been a supporter of Secret Network and I’m excited at the opportunity to introduce my audience to this awesome network. I’m looking forward to answering any questions you have! Feel free to message me on Discord @vandermeiden.


Hello. I think your ask is quite high … I see that you have good viewership on popular topics, but for less popular topics your videos seem to get around 1000 views or less.

When we consider that SCRT is gaining traction, youtubers and influencers are more likely to shill it without needing direct incentive such as the one you are proposing, the asking price seems quite high.

I think if you reduce your ask (normal and bonus), it may be something to consider.

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Thanks for the feedback! While topics might play a role, I believe that my newer videos have done well because my own skills at thumbnails/pacing/editing have improved and because of my returning subscribers.

And just to be clear, this isn’t about “shilling” $SCRT; this is about creating high quality content that can be referenced by the entire secret community. I know I posted channel statistics, but these are more-so meant as indicators to the content quality. :sweat_smile:

Wondering if your video creation skills are available for Secret Network videos that can be posted on the Secret Network YT, or if you are only willing to move forward with this SNAC if the videos go on your channel?

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Hey, definitely willing to have the videos posted exclusively to the Secret Network YT.

That said, I would prefer posting them on my own channel and I think there are some pros/cons for each that are worth a discussion.


Hi @michael, one of us will reach out to you shortly via Discord to talk about this opportunity.


Hi @tor, I haven’t seen any pings on discord yet. Not sure if I might have missed it.

@michael, pls DM me in discord (Jay | 𝕊ecret Foundation#1323) and we can discuss. Sorry for the delay in response!