SNAC Proposal: Regular Hybrid Music Event using SecretNFTs & Badges for Real World Engagement

Project Overview

Regular (bi-weekly leading to weekly) DJ Live Stream to multiple platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Twitch from a vibrant location in Ibiza in collaboration with Secret Network. The proposed hybrid events will be produced to a high standard with guest DJ’s and Secret branding. As well as being an avenue for community engagement with dance music culture, the project will also provide a platform to experiment with Secret NFTs/Badges linked to real world items and experiences.

The venue is secured already and I have my own high-end livestreaming rig, cameras, software and (limited) dj/audio equipment that I am committing to the project as well as the resources and contacts to produce the streams. This proposal should provide a good overview but a full production plan will be written up for the community that details and breaks down the equipment hires, logistics, post-production and budget required. With community direction I will broadcast to various platforms and also produce design assets for promotional use.

Currently I am using the location (a small art gallery with terrace) for a vinyl record pop-up store every Sunday as there is a popular and vibrant hippy market that surrounds the space providing a nice setting for live DJ sets. Virtual attendees could receive Secret Badges which give them access to live events in the real world amongst other things (very open to community input and ideas here). Eventually I would like to display digital art works in the space and also give away NFT’s with certain purchases at the shop.

Motivation and Purpose

First and foremost the proposed streams will provide content and engagement to help grow the community and reach a more diverse audience. As we gain more popularity and the stream audience grows we can identify areas to scale and effective use cases for SecretNFTs/Badges in relation to live events. I believe that a decentralized, privacy focused ticket distribution system would be very appealing to organisers of club/live music events if it can be simplified and streamlined enough so that buyers and sellers can easily understand and benefit from it. Blockchain is being embraced by many here in Ibiza and some of the market traders already accept payments in certain coins. The island is a great spot to launch a project like this, however the concept could easily be rolled out in other areas of the world in the future. If successful, the project could continue into next season but generate profit through (SecretNFT) ticket sales meaning less (or zero) funding required from the pool and more engagement and onboarding.


  • Around 10 years working in and around the electronic music scene and club/festival industry in the UK which included producing live streamed hybrid club shows. Please ask if you would like to see my portfolio and cv.
  • Interested in exploring use cases for SecretNFT’s linked to real world items and experiences.
  • Follower of Secret Network since discovering blockchain and crypto in 2019.


  • Set up and produce a programme of live stream events that provide an interesting and engaging on ramp to the Secret ecosystem.
  • Identify an effective SecretNFT/Badge ticketing model that could be scaled out and used by event promoters.
  • Capture and analyse engagement data in order to iterate and improve the concept.


  • Links In Bio/Description - to SCRT token and NFT guides

  • Real World Engagement - Secret Badge holders can attend events in Ibiza. Vinyl purchasers could redeem SecretNFT’s (which also serve as tickets to future events).

  • Virtual - As the concept develops we can explore virtual production options with VR cameras and green screen (for example).

  • Tracking Engagement - We, the community, could easily track effectiveness through analysing stats including content views and number of Secret Badges redeemed.

Deliverables & Costs

Estimated Costs per Livestream (based on current SCRT price)

I’ve worked out 2 options for the livestream productions, option 1 with an established pro DJ and a higher budget to cover extra artist fee, coordination, equipment hires and time and option 2 with a local/unknown DJ and less production effort/costs required. This will allow me to maintain consistency in content publication and also give a gauge on how much the audience engagement and onboarding is affected by the DJ booking. Inevitably some of the funds will need to be converted to euros however the hire company I am in touch with accept bitcoin. I will be encouraging payments in SCRT to all involved.

Livestream option 1 = 210 SCRT

Livestream option 2 = 130 SCRT

What does this cover?

  • Production (pre, live + post)
  • Equipment hires
  • DJ Fees
  • Space hire
  • Crew
  • Expenses (DJ Hospitality/Travel)
  • Livestreaming overheads (platform subscriptions)

PRE PRODUCTION: March - April 16th

Funds requested: 600 SCRT

  • Deliver production plan to the community. To include - budget breakdown, confirmed hire costs, schedule and images of the space
  • Community meeting with all interested parties
  • Design and deploy POAPs
  • Produce design assets and offer to the community for review.
  • Platform set ups - socials and backend configuration
  • Test stream
  • Organise promotional strategy with Secret Agents
  • Book DJ’s for period 1

LIVE PERIOD 1: April/May

Funds requested: 600 SCRT

  • Produce 4 Live Streams. 1 x option 1 / 3 x option 2
  • Post produce content for additional publication/promo use
  • Take feedback from the community and implement necessary changes
  • Pre-production/Book DJ’s for period 2

LIVE PERIOD 2: June/July

Funds requested: 1490 SCRT

  • 9 Weekly Live Streams. 4 x option 1 / 5 x option 2
  • Post produce content for additional publication/promo use
  • Take feedback from the community and implement necessary changes
  • Pre-production/Book DJ’s for period 3

LIVE PERIOD 3: August/September

Funds requested: 1570 SCRT

  • 9 Weekly Live Streams. 5 x option 1 / 4 x option 2
  • Post produce content for additional publication/promo use
  • Pre-production/Book DJ’s for period 4

LIVE PERIOD 4: October

Funds requested: 810 SCRT

  • 5 Weekly Live Streams. 2 x option 1 / 3 x option 2
  • Post produce content for additional publication/promo use


  • Develop a SecretNFT/Badge event ticketing model for live music events.
  • Analysis and discussions around the efficacy of hybrid events for engagement and onboarding.

I welcome any feedback, suggestions or questions which i will be able respond to on Monday.

Thanks for reading and considering. Have a great weekend all,


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Fully support this as an excellent way to test out Secret NFT’s for the purposes of events management.

Sounds like a great platform to build a community, engage communities that we otherwise may not reach, and eventually build out some bigger events in the future!

I am 100% in provided you get some UK Jungle in the mix :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the support - its a deal re: the uk jungle :)))

@jy_nadanta DM’d you on Discord to discuss further.

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This SNAC has been conditionally approved and we are in contact with the submitter! :muscle:


Really excited to get to work on this and will provide the community with updates in the coming weeks :slight_smile: Thanks all!!

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Hey, please read on for an update as part of the request for funds to cover the production from mid May through to the end of June. I’m keeping it very high level so please reach out if you need any more detail or have questions.

First off, want to say how much I have enjoyed working on this and again express my gratitude for the support and generally trusting me to create something new for the community and NFT space. I think you are building a fantastic community and I am very happy to be part of it.

Setting these events up took a massive amount of work but now I believe most of the technical kinks have been ironed out and we are in a great position to go weekly and concentrate on improving the production quality plus attracting some more established artists. Im now working on making the streams into more of an audio-visual ‘mixtape’ kind of vibe, adding audio-reactive visuals, footage of Ibiza, and elements of the nft’s we are creating into the stream. You should see some of these extra visual elements in the May 29th show.

The extra time required was somewhat predictable but there were also some extra costs that I had not foreseen. These relate to the addition of an event host who will also create some additional interview content and having to switch to a more expensive (and reliable) hire company for the DJ equipment. I also had to offer the gallery space a little more because of all the hardware I need to store there through the week.

I now have a much better handle on the budget required which looks like this:

Average costs per show:
Production 400
Hires 300
Artist 225
Host 75
Production Assistance 150
Venue 100
Misc / Overheads 75

Total 1325 euros

Extremely happy with Behzad’s collection that we are publishing with each piece uniquely linked to an event.

As secret poaps are not ready yet I have been unable to do much there but remain in contact with Stashh team who have been amazing and super helpful. So far I have been including a hidden alternative animated artwork in the nft so the buyer gets the original physical canvas shipped, hi-res digital image and the secret extra. Next I would like to work towards tokenizing the whole AV mixtape to be published with royalties going to the DJ and visual artists involved.

Although we have not yet made a sale, I do believe that it will eventually be viable to support this event with various secretNFT projects

Twitch had 33 unique viewers for the first stream and you should have received the stats for the 15th. Meanwhile in the real world, the events are being received very positively with guests and DJ’s really understanding what we are trying to achieve. I look forward to now going weekly with the broadcast and consistent steady growth in engagement.

So all in all I am personally very happy with progress at this early stage. With all of the above and market conditions considered, I’m requesting 3650 SCRT to cover the next 5 events.