SNAC proposal - my goals, ideas, suggestions

I would like more communication between the team and agents. I already spoke on Discord about testnet proposal. It is very important for the project, as it will help to identify vulnerabilities. For completing the testnet, the team can reward participants with tokens. Participants will send possible bugs when trading on “”. Also, the idea of ​​launching nodes will be very interesting. Let the developers try to make it so that the node is launched with a single command in the Putty command line or somewhere else. So that participants do not get confused in the entered code, because they are not developers. They are regular members (agents). The project would be very suitable for IDO and ICO on various popular exchanges. For example, on Bybit, Huobi or Coinlist. Moreover, for verified agents, for those who complete tasks (including daily missions), there will be a priority queue for sales. Also, I would like to see a higher percentage for staking. As for the tasks, you can do additional tasks (optional) and mandatory tasks. And, thus, to trace who is active and who is passive and does not deserve the role of an agent and awards

Hey a couple of points here:

Running a Secret Network node requires a very specific set of SGX compliant hardware components: Hardware Compliance | Secret Network

Sputnik Network is a separate team, specialising in tips on lots of Cosmos chains & a p2p exchange on Telegram. You can reach their community here: Telegram: Contact @Sputnik_Network

The rewards for staking SCRT are derived from a number of factors including network inflation & the amount of SCRT delegated. More info on that here: (Staking Secrets: A Living Guide to Staking and Delegating SCRT - Bringing Privacy to Smart Contracts and Public Blockchains)

As for the Agents program, we are working on a new UI that will give us a lot more options for missions & tracking. We usually update on that in the Awareness call on Mondays 4pm UTC, and the Agents Comms Check Thursdays at 5pm UTC. If you would like to communicate more with the Program coordinators, those calls are the best place to do it! :male_detective:

Hi Frolaka,

Reading your SNAC proposal, it would appear to be a list of suggestions on multiple topics, not an action campaign.

Until the SNAC proposal is rewritten in a format that can be discussed and potentially funded, we can’t move forward with it.

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