SNAC Proposal: Instagram Makeover

Title: Instagram Makeover

Team: EmoShawn (project lead) and Brendan (awareness committee lead)

Summary and Goals:
Instagram has roughly the same number of active daily users as Twitter. The goal is to organically increase the current Instagram base and nurture community as the Secret Network ecosystem expands. Revitalizing the work already started by juniorjunior.

Timeline and Implementation:
Month 1 and 2
Use existing analytics to maintain or increase current Engagement Rate via:

  • 3 or more “Stories” or “Reels” or “Original Posts” / week.
    Highlighting exciting things happening in the spheres of Secret Network (Uplift dApp news/SN announcements/events/memes).
    Please see attached samples I have created.

  • Comment/Like “Sprints”
    Engaging with community that interact w/ Secret Network related hashtags.
    Participating in other periphery network conversations (Cosmos, etc).

Month 3 and 4
Adapt and balance content in response to ongoing KPI engagement data.

Evaluation of Engagement Rates based on Content Type.
Measures: (Reach/Plays/Likes/Comments/Impressions/Saves/Hashtags)
Content Type: (Pictures/Videos/Stories/Reels)

7 hours / week
40 UST / hour = 1120 UST / month.
Released after monthly report.
This includes IG desktop software and 3rd party Analytic services.



I’m all for this! You have my support.

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Because clarification was asked:

  • I will be the sole person on project
  • 1120 USD equivalent in SCRT

Thx EmoShawn for the proposal and clarification.

The proposal will be discussed in Monday’s meeting :slight_smile:

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