SNAC Proposal Draft - Crisis Mobilisation Framework, dApp

It would be great to get feedback on this.

SNAC Grant

Purpose: Continue building a Web3 Crisis Mobilisation Framework, Dapp that can be reused for similar situations like the one in the Ukraine for organising, mobilising aid to civilians.

Perceived Need:

There is no real crisis mobilisation dApp at all or even Web2 app. People tend to rely on Telegram and Facebook which kind of turns into a giant mess quickly as there is no insight into what is happening with supply deliveries, transportation etc when it comes to civilians.

By building a proper framework, app we can help funds and efforts go further while saving and maximising efficiency, time and energy. We can increase active participation in crisis management and aid relief activities by introducing more insight into exactly what is happening and bringing a spectator aspect to this. We can also actively incentivise users to take a more active role in helping so that those who are more driven by financial gain are also motivated to help out during times of crises.

The spectator aspect will also help continually improve the system as it will be more obvious where failure points are. Not only this we can increase insight into what funds are used for and how. Even complete activities such as recording aid delivery data and partner with NGO/Non Profit organisations to help them improve their own efforts as well. We can provide a global support community for those who are going through a crisis through this and build positive PR for Secret Network, help lots of people and grow the Secret Network community as well.

This will also help inspire others to be more altruistic as well and develop an internal culture that reflects altruistic values.

Qualifications: I have been working in technology and marketing since 2007 in many different industries in a freelance, employed capacity in startup, agency and corporate environments as well as marketing companies I created, managed, an ecommerce brand, and have built & managed teams in esports, hackathons, and early product building(what I’m doing now.). I have logged over 2100 hours in Web3.

I am looking to really contribute here as I also have an early stage gaming product I want to grow and launch in this ecosystem.

I can provide my Github, LinkedIn links.


  • Fulfill the following objectives according to the whitepaper set out and establish a fully funcitonal Web3 DAO emergency framework that can be reused and then productised in a way that can benefit the ecosystem even more as well as people in crisis situations. See the whitepaper at
    (formating this strange so Akismet doesn’t hide this automatically.) ///

  • Build community In Secret Network and Secret NFTs by bringing community members from this endeavour into Secret Network. An additional way to provide aid is by allowing community members to contribute to building out this product as part of the team if they have the right skills, qualifications.

Create more active community participation and expand what DAOs can be used for
By having a DAO based system civilians can actively better assist each other in crises like this one vs solely relying on larger non profits and large government. Encouraging more civilians to actively take part in working alongside government and others, this can lead to more unity and better success with organising and mobilising aid in times of crises. This can also be used to allow civilians to better organise aid and mobilise aid in cases when government bodies are not able to do so due to political reasons.

What’s been done so far.

DAO works functionally on Polygon using Aragon and incorporates voting that aligns with the voting strategy outlined in the White paper. Roles and Projects are being managed via Discord for now.

Deliverables and Timeline:

Phase 1: Marketing the DAO and Secret Network Launch


  • Weekly Updates
  • Building the marketing working group
  • Secret Network Launch
  • Transparent financials via Secret Network Mainnet and Polygon Gnosis Safe
  • Large community growth on all social channels

Ask: 5000 scrt – Timeline : 2 weeks

Phase Two Build a Frontend that makes using this framework easier and productise this into a full dApp with a decent UI.

Continuous Deliverables:

  • Weekly Updates
  • Transparent financials via Gnosis Safe
  • Building development working group
  • Fully functioning dApp with solid UI that can be repurposed for many different crisises and has a low barrier to entry due to inherent handholding with-in the dAPP.
  • Functioning token system that incentivises participation and allows everyday people to directly invest into active crisis management

Ask: 10000 scrt – Timeline : 8 weeks

This initial SNAC proposal is asking for approval of funding for Phase 1 only as this is my first proposal request here and after Phase 1. I would like Phase 2 to be immediately approved.

Thank you for your time in reviewing: Matt

Sounds super cool. Any thoughts on trying to see what SecretDAO comes up with for DAO tooling or working closely with them?