SNAC Proposal - Discord Tip Bot

I’m actually sort of conflicted on the amount now. On the one hand bizdev ignored the current value of secret and asked for $100,000 and on other hand you simply didnt put the proposal up fast enough to do the same. I think people should only use current value of scrt with a little buffer otherwise it’s pretty much a run on the pool. Using the average value of secret is one sided because no one ever uses average 30 day value after the price drops, only after it raises. Not sure what I think of this all because I support both initiatives generally speaking.

I’ll admit it’s a bit frustrating. When this was written up, SCRT was under $2.

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  1. Payments have to be sent to one person at a time - rewarding 1000+ agents is completely unmanageable

Instead of having it just for discord, can we have this functionality for 1, built as a standalone library (perhaps python)?
So anyone can use this tool to send tx to multiple wallets using a command from a list (perhaps even as simple as a text file), (even in command line and projects).

Then you can use the library with a discord bot setup.

Since we are coding it from scratch and open-sourcing this, that would be a better approach. If you develop a discord bot, we are tied to only that bot. But with a library, we can use this in programs and other projects as well.


Hey Mohammed!

That’s exactly our plan, which is why Twitter/Telegram bots were added as a stretch goal. The plan right now is to develop a NodeJS API for a discord bot to connect to as a front end.

Ok nice, i would suggest highlight those sections. How is that package going to published on npm and documentation?

My point is you could ask this from the secret enigma grants. As i see this being useful in other applications and would prefer to have long term maintainance on the library.

And then do a smaller community fund round to integrate with discord or snap from the awareness budget as it makes their life easier.

I would support it either way.

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