SNAC Process - How, Who, What

Hi everyone,

To give more clarity on the SNAC process, we have put it on paper. Regretfully, images don’t keep the embedded links. Therefore, we will spin up a site on the Agent HQ where this process (with embedded links) can live: SNAC Process

If you have any questions about this process, comments, suggestions, or see an opportunity for improvement. Feel free to drop it in a comment below. We will review the process when the first SNACs have gone through, and make adjustments wherever necessary.

Education Committee Lead


Thanks @Dumdidum-001 and @fuzzzypizzza for the initial work in helping propose, codify, and document this SNAC process! This is one of many processes we’re looking to formalize and review with the community + leads + agents.

We’ll continue sharing everything for feedback here - most critical feedback is if something seems broken, inconsistent, or inaccurate.

This initial SNAC process will allow for review of existing SNACs beginning this coming week!

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Here is the link to the Agent HQ

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Great job! For anyone coming here wondering where these proposals go, they’re posted under the committees section: