SNAC P2P Conference 2022 (SiBAN)

P2P Conference, the first-ever annual blockchain conference of the Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SiBAN), will be held 6 August 2022, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. A hybrid conference, P2P Conference 2022 is expected to pull up to 5000 participants, both remote and in-venue participants combined, many from Nigeria and other African countries.

Founded in June 2018, SiBAN is a self-regulatory body in Nigeria’s emerging blockchain & crypto industry.

Official Website:
P2P Conference website:
Sponsorship Details:

Preach - Perform onstage in a pitch deck, fireside or even keynote setting.


  • Speaking slot for 35 minutes

    • Presentation on Secret Network
    • Presentation on Secret Finance in details in subject to Secret Swap and Sienna Protocol
    • Presentation on Secret Agents Program
  • Exhibition space

    • Exhibition of Secret Mech
    • Exhibition of Secret Ecosystem
    • Exhibition of Top Secret NFTs projects and Trading Volume
  • Listed as sponsor on website, digital media, and printed materials

  • Special mention in Pizza newsletter pre-conference and post-conference

  • Logo on event website/landing page for registration

  • Logo on delegate name tags and bags

  • logo included in the main presentation slides

  • Logo on wall banner or backstage wall

  • Logo on conference stand-up banners

  • Company stand-up banners

  • Promotional 1 minute video during registration and networking breaks

  • Social media promotion: Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Twitter

  • Run competitions and giveaways

  • Handout (flyers, brochures, gifts) in delegate bag

  • Logo on conference programme: (Top placement)

  • Free conference tickets for 10 people

  • Post-event report

  • Nominate a speaker for panel discussion

Increasing adoption of Secret Network and growing awareness of the use it blockchain applications, continue to drive the blockchain technology to Nigerians.

As more organizations look to implement or embrace blockchain innovations in Nigeria, Awareness must focus on making Secret Network Ecosystem greener. This Conference exposes Secret Network current innovative blockchain usage, structure, generations, and users consumption, promoting Privacy in Blockchain.

Nigeria is known to be one of the Top Leading World Crypto Adopter and Top most performing Country in the Crypto Sphere with over 200 million Citizens
Out of 74 countries in the Statista Global Consumer Survey, Nigerians were the most likely to say they used or owned cryptocurrency.

Performance Indicators

  • Agent Coordinator Nigeria/Africa
  • Represent Secret Network in Blockchain University of Nigeria
  • 5 AMA session ( 3 Active Telegram Communities) (2 Twitter space)
  • Weekly Meeting with Nigeria Community in the Discord Server
  • Connect with Agents and onboarded lots of Agents

Budget Request

  • Sponsorship Package $7500 for the Above listed Goals
  • Logistics for each person $435 ( Total Number of 5 will Attend the Conference = $2,175)
    Flight - Round Trip $250
    Hotel Accommodation (2 nights) - $85
    Transportation Rides(Lagos) - $50
    Other expenses - $50

Giveaways and Competitions
100 mechs
70 Caps and 30 T-Shirts - $1000
Short Notes - 100 pieces $200

Total: $10,875


This will add much awareness value, imo.


This an opportunity to add much awareness value and increase adoption of Secret Network as a privacy hub. It’ll be great for the community to consider this.


This is a nice idea @Thepopeblack, Lagos is one of the most populated state in the whole of Africa with mass adaption of crypto.

This will really create awareness for secret network and also more adoption of $SCRT.


Hi Thepopeblack,

Thank you for the write-up. The SNAC has been appointed to a member for review. We will need slightly longer than the regular 10 days. We will get back to you next week, feel free to reach out of you got any questions :slight_smile:


This conference would provide an avenue to meet, discuss with and also onboard crypto enthusiasts, experts and developers to Secret Network. Looking forward to attending this conference :male_detective:🏿‍:female_sign::male_detective::fist:

Updated SNAC for P2P Conference

Location: Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Date: 06th August, 2022
Time: 9:00am

Attend - Grab a ticket to the conference & infiltrate the community with 2 Agents in Lagos.

Budget Request
Agent Coordinator Nigeria/Africa

  • Tickets are free
  • Logistics:
    Flight - Round Trip $331
    Hotel Accommodation (2 nights) - $100
    Transportation Rides(Lagos) - $50
    Other expenses - $50

Total of 2 Agents at Lagos
Transportation: $70
Merch: 2 caps and 2 T-shirts : $45
Compensation for Time: $50 each ($100 for 2 Agents)

Total: $746

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