SNAC - New Introduction Video Showcasing Secret Network

This SNAC is the refinement of my original SNAC suggestion post in the “Open Discussion: SNACs [Secret Network Action Campaigns]” thread: Open Discussion: SNACs [Secret Network Action Campaigns] - #7 by Gravitate


New Introduction Video Showcasing Secret Network



Executive Summary

We should put a solid effort into making a new introduction video that really showcases what Secret Network has to offer. I am envisioning a video that lasts for about 2-3 minutes, divided into 3 parts in terms of what information is conveyed. In the first part, the technology and how Secret works is explained to the user. In the second part, the vision of Secret Network is shared: What problem is Secret solving, and what kind of future will that contribute to for the good of humanity. In the third part, the video goes very practical and showcases what has been built (and what is being built), such as private NFTs, private DeFi (and our SEFI token), bridges, 3rd party applications with their own tokens. Using the right visual metaphors for what we show the viewer will be critical, and this is where an isometric city theme (like Sim City but lower detail) comes into play. Hopefully, the video succeeds in including the right visual metaphors from not only Secret Network but overall cryptospace in a way that it becomes meme-worthy and has a chance of even going viral.

With the right engagement from knowledgeable and creative members of the Secret community, and a competent video creator, we could potentially end up with something that has an Apple TV commercial level of quality to it. The video should be highly understandable with no technical jargon, so that is appeals to all cryptocurrency investor segments, from professional investors and computer scientists to people with non-technical or non-business backgrounds. The main target group should be the masses of retail investors.

Strategic Goals

  • Make it possible for any cryptocurrency investor to understand the whole concept of Secret Network (technology, vision, what has been built) in a very short amount of time, through a medium that allows for such understanding.
  • Increase “investor conversion rate” on Secret web page ( entry, by persuading first time visitors with our new medium.
  • Increased awareness from social media, by providing Secret Agents with a high-quality medium that they can share.
  • Bonus goal: Have Elon Musk end up seeing this video and retweet it (further explained in video description below.


  • Number of views on YouTube, and other metrics that YouTube provides which let us compare with the current introduction video featured on the front web page.
  • Decreased bounce rate on front web page (
  • Other suggestions?


Week 1:

  • Establish core team and have our first meeting: Myself + 2 others. I would suggest Oljo and fuzzypizza. Oljo: You suggested to provide value should this SNAC become reality, I would love to have your creative brain onboard. I am also working on a project with fuzzypizza – I think we’ve had great conversations so far and I would love to also have you onboard this project. The core team will discuss the format of workshops (mentioned in next bullet) and details regarding voice script and video content.
  • First workshop (held on Discord through audiocall): Brainstorm suggestions for what information is important to convey in the video. Conclusion from this workshop is used as input for finalizing narrator script.

Week 2:

  • Onboard video creator to create a first draft for our isometric city, based on current sketches and descriptions of imagery, that we can comment and iterate on. Draft is discussed with core team and feedback is provided back to video creator.
  • Second workshop (held on Discord through audiocall): Brainstorm suggestions for what visual metaphors would be a good move to show in our isometric city. Conclusion from this workshop is provided as input to video creator.

Week 3:

Finalize sketches and script to be narrated. Core team will discuss this content as a quality control before it is delivered to video creator.

Week 4-6:

  • I will be iterating together with video creator and provide Core team with latest updates so that they can provide feedback during the production. I send weekly reports on project status to Tor, who is then also able to provide feedback during the production.
  • Video done. We upload on front web page ( and have our Secret Agents spread it all over social media.

Resources Required

  • Time (mine): Lead project, create drafts for input to video creator and write script for narrator. Plan and host workshops. Weekly meetings with core team and video creator. Provide Tor with weekly status updates and receive feedback.

  • Time (core team): Weekly meetings and sporadic chatting.

  • Time (workshop participants): I am thinking two workshops that last 30-60 minutes each with a useful bunch of participants (perhaps between 4 and 10).

  • Time (narrator): Tor, I’d love to have you narrate this video. I believe it will make the whole thing sound way more genuine than if we would hire someone to do it. If not, I will do my best to find a good narrator on Fiverr.

  • Money to pay video creator. For the sake of brand consistency and simplicity of payment, we should use the same video creator as for all other Secret videos. In my opinion, the existing videos looks as if this video creator is able to illustrate the isometric city theme that I’m envisioning. However, it is imperative that they can pull this off well, and in a decently short enough amount of time (not 3 months). If they think they can’t, we should consider someone else – that can replicate the visual theme. Alternatively, perhaps our ‘usual’ video creator could invite someone to help them out with this project. Bottom line is, IMHO, although we should (always) be rational on how we use community funds, we should not be deliberately trying to make this a minimum-cost project.

Another very important resource is >YOU< reading this right now. There are probably already some ideas in your head on how to improve my suggestion, and after you’ve read the more detailed video description below, I would highly appreciate you share your thoughts. Does this make sense to you? Any information we should include? Any ideas for visual metaphors? Perhaps you know the perfect video creator for this project. Please – do share your thoughts. Your tiny, random idea could be just that little extra needed to make the end product go viral.

Video Description Draft

For the animation style, as mentioned, I am thinking an isometric city theme. Something like the picture below, but with a much simpler detailer level, and more ‘zoomed out’. For the sake of brand consistency, the style should be similar to the other promotional videos of Secret Network, and thus produced by the same video creator. However, the variation of different colors should be reduced, in order to create fewer disturbing elements. Secret City (which I explain later) needs to look attractive, modern and alive. Also, the viewer needs to be able to see the visual metaphors that we are showcasing momentarily, without their eyes nudged in other directions. Between close-up scenes we show the whole city, which will be full of references to stuff in cryptospace, like other tokens, BTC, yachts and lambos and other meme-worthy visual metaphors. The picture below is an example of the isometric city theme.

Part 1

We explain that Secret Network is a ground level (also called level 1) platform, built on top of the same code that is utilized by all Cosmos blockchains. This means we are a part of the Cosmos ecosystem, but Secret is not built on top of another blockchain. We are stand-alone. Then we explain how smart contracts can be private/encrypted (sSCRT), but there is an outer transparent layer (SCRT). We illustrate this by showing two circled zones, like in the picture below. In the middle is a processor on a mainboard. A black box appears on the processor, and we explain that every node on the network are receiving encrypted, or secret smart contracts, that go into this black box. A bit like the black box on an airplane. This is a feature on certain processors called Trusted execution environment, or TEE. I have put together some clip illustration drafts throughout the video description as an attempt to illustrate what the visual content in the videos could be.

Then we tell the viewer to imagine a marketplace, where everyone can see what anyone is trading, but in the middle is a tent where you can trade secret versions of everything in the marketplace. Visually, the black box is now replaced with a tent, the processor disappears, and a big marketplace appears in the outer circle. In the video, the people using the secret tent will have anonymous masks on them (or hoodies and no visible face, if we do not want to use an anonymous analogy), which they take of when they enter the outer layer. The narrator might say: “They might see you when you enter, they might see you when you leave, but never what you pay and receive” (it rhymes!).

Part 2

In the video, we are now suddenly in a city. The city is dark, it has no trees. Something like Gotham city. A big evil pyramid shaped skyscraper with an all-seeing eye on top labeled ‘EVIL CORP INC. ($EVIL)’ is emitting red signals all over the city. We see a zoom appear over two parts of town, where two app users are interacting on social media. The evil eye on the skyscraper can see this, and an evil laughing mouth appears on the skyscraper. Documents labeled “USER DATA” is harvested through these signals, and then dumped from sewage pipes out from the bottom of the skyscraper and into the ocean. This user data is then salvaged from pirate ships trading with each other. The narrator will tell a very short story (this whole scene is like no more than 15 seconds) on how corporations are harvesting user data without the users getting paid or even knowing and selling this data or it is leaked in security breaches (into the ocean).

Then, we see a few colored nice skyscrapers with trees around them appear in the city. The narrator tells us that blockchain promises to solve this problem (like in the existing 60-second Secret video), but that blockchain has a problem on its own: Everything is transparent, and once someone know who owns the address, they know every transaction they’ve done. This is shown visually by these new kind skyscrapers with trees around them (resembling blockchain nodes, perhaps their ground floor could be Bitcoin and Ethereum miners) emitting white signals around the city, but the evil skyscraper is spying on these transactions and selling the insights (user data) to another evil skyscraper.

“So how about a society where transactions are private?” This is what Secret Network aims to achieve, the narrator could say. “Imagine what such a future would look like” Visually, while this is being said, we are taken to Secret City. A great modern city with futuristic glass skyscrapers where many have Secret logos and A LOT of yachts at the harbor (meme for common object that many cryptoinvestors desire). We zoom into street level, and see a lambo with a “SCRT” license plate driving past. The lambo could even drive from the secret zone (where it is blurred and unrecognizable, then into the transparent zone (where it is visible and you see the license plate). Then we zoom out and move a little bit, and we see the tent in the secret marketplace from part 1 again (reminding the viewer where we are). We zoom out, and see that most of downtown of this city is within the inner ring (private, sSCRT), and the rest is in the outer ring (public, SCRT). The rings should be easy for the viewer to recognize from part 1. While this is shown, some good arguments for privacy and how it is important for the value creation of society is mentioned. Suggestions?

Part 3

Now we show them why Secret is becoming a top 10 cryptocurrency. Narrator explains that we have built a bridge to Ethereum, allowing any Ethereum token to be traded privately on the Secret Network. Visually, we see and follow a bridge (as it is being constructed, in very high speed) over to Ethereum city, where we recognize a lot of Ethereum tokens on skyscrapers. Some buildings even resemble Ethereum-token logos, like a Tether-skyscraper formed like a T with a circle around it etc, and a big Ethereum logo looking building in the middle of the city. Driving on the bridge are blocks (as in blockchain, not cars) with different Ethereum token logos on them. The important visual here is that Secret is in the middle of it all (more bridges are added to Secret City later in the video).

Then the narrator tells us how such a bridge allows for all kinds of exciting applications to be built on the Secret Network (visualized by lots of cranes and buildings being built in high speed, like in Sim City. The buildings are visual metaphors for applications). Narrator explains how secret versions of Ethereum tokens can be traded on Secrets own Automated Market Maker, our equivalent to UniSwap and PancakeSwap – which is part of Secret DeFi, a private financial dApp ecosystem on the Secret Network. This is visualized by a district in the city that is clearly a financial district, and water tanks resembling liquidity pools feeding an AMM resembling a typical currency exchange booth.

The narrator then explains how we will be able to trade secret NFTs with unique features and pay for them with tokens from any ecosystem. Video zooms out, and we see bridges being built to DOT city, BSC city (with a big pancake skyscraper) and Monero (visualized as a bank vault on top of a mountain with cable blocks (not cars) going up and down.

“And who knows what other bridges will be built in the future” the narrator says, and we see a very long Hyperloop bridge connected to an island with a launch pad. From this launch pad, a rocket resembling a SpaceX rocket with a big picture of the dog from the DOGE meme on it (yes, this is related to Strategic Goal no. 4) is launched up and away, with a big fire blazing under it.

The rocket then capture the whole screen, and we see a paw making the DOGE meme look like Tor’s favorite emoji (while the dog blinks). To be specific: The last thing we see is a hushing DOGE (giving a blink with his eye) on a rocket going to the moon. Should be a good meme-ish ending.



End Comment

Let me once again encourage >YOU< reading this to share any thoughts or ideas. Especially ideas for visual metaphors. No idea is stupid, and the best end products are often a result of well refined ideas.


From what I read you a have a well thought out vision & plan too accomplish this media piece.

I don’t think much is left to be fine tuned. You have a strong grasp on what you would like to produce.

How much would it cost to do?

A bit hard for me to tell at this point. I paid around $2 000 for a custom animated video with a 1 minute runtime once. This one is without a doubt more complex with way more work needed on drawing custom isometric objects and animating them.

Very roughly I would estimate everything from $10K to $30K (preferably in the lower segment), probably no lower than $5K. I am sure there are some competent, not too pricey creators out there.

I did not mention price in my original post as I think requests for quotations from possible video creators would be the best way to estimate the cost, and I would guess the foundation already have an established connection to their current video creator. Asking them should probably be a good starting point.

Any thoughts on this matter yourself?

15k would an appropriate amount . Overall you get what you pay for, I recommend paying upper middle range . Keeping production " in house" might be have advantage . Pay them the 15k . This in house production team could use this project to build a full SCRT media division.

Setting $15K as a budget makes sense to me, at least it’s a good starting point. If the right creator asks for $20K or more, I think it should at least be given a consideration.

How does SNAC approval work anyway? Has a date been set for approving/disapproving all SNAC proposals, or are they just approved here and there?


First of all I want to say that we appreciate you taking the time to create this forum post regarding this SNAC, and the creativity you’ve displayed in your vision of Secret Network. After discussion the Committee leads have concerns that do not warrant approval at this time.

  1. There is concern that the general theme is not on brand. We already have a commissioned series of introductory videos, and this idea seems to deviate from our messaging and brand identity.

  2. While there is an idea presented it is missing many details that are needed for full consideration. The proposer does not have the requisite experience needed to script and create such a video. There is a proposal to pay a video creator, but no creator has been identified for evaluation.

  3. Details around dissemination of content to a new audience. Since we already have a series of videos being produced and have a general idea of what audience those reach, what is the rationale that this will increase reach/awareness vs. the current videos for a price tag of $15-20k?