SNAC International Blockchain Summit Lagos Vibes

Blockchain vibes is an event that is centered on educating the crypto and tech enthusiasts about blockchain technology, bringing them into the future of decentralization and creating awareness on the evolution of money.

It will bring together top stakeholders in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem to share deep insights on key topics such as NFTs, DEFi, WEB3.0, and lots more… it promises to be educative and interactive with a lot of fun.

Official website:
Twitter handle:

Location: Glover hall, Marina, Lagos State.
Date: 09th July, 2022
Time: 9:00am

Attend - Grab a ticket to the conference & infiltrate the community with group of 5 Agents in Lagos.

I’ve build a very good credibility for Secret through the past Events and We’ve gain great amounts of exposure.


  • Being Consistent in Notable and Resourceful Events in Nigeria and around neighbouring Africa Countries
  • In past events, we’ve educate people on what we do, it’s time we educate people on what we’ve done
  • Discuss about Secret Roadmap for H1 2022: D’Apps, Achievements, Partnerships, Events, and lots more.
  • Infiltrate Audience with a group of 5 Agents
  • Connects with Speakers and liaise
  • Create more awareness
  • Onboard as much potential agents as we can
  • Learn and Sitrep :shushing_face: :smiley:
  • Have Fun :laughing:

Budget Request
Agent Coordinator Nigeria/Africa

  • Tickets are free
  • Logistics:
    Flight - Round Trip $300
    Hotel Accommodation (2 nights) - $100
    Transportation Rides(Lagos) - $50
    Other expenses - $50

Total of 5 Agents at Lagos
Transportation: $300
Merch: 5 caps and 5 T-shirts : $100
Compensation for Time: $70 each ($350 for 5 Agents)

Printing of 100 copies of Field Agent Brochure: $50

Total: $1,300

Proposer: @Thepopeblack | Agent Coordinator Nigeria/Africa
Team Lead: @Brendan


Thanks for putting this @Thepopeblack. I’m interested in attending this.


It would be nice for Agents to attend this event because lots of African influencers will be there!!

What a great place to spread the secret and the magic of secret network.

I am residing close to Lagos i will love to attend too!!

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Looks like another good value for money SNAC to me @Thepopeblack, just try and give these at least 4 weeks advance in future so the SNAC team has enough time to discuss & fund your efforts.

If the SNAC team says yes, let’s test out onboarding via sBadges & the new Agents UI at this event. We can discuss ideas for what to include in the private layer on the Thursday comms check call.

@Aliyu36902533 @BilalRMK I’m sure if you discuss with @Thepopeblack via DM he will be able to find a slot for you at either this event or the next event. You guys are hardcore contributors so imho it would be great to have you attending on behalf of the network!

Fingers crossed Starshell will be hitting beta soon so we may be able to onboard people with a mobile wallet too in the near future :slight_smile:


Thanks @Thepopeblack for bringing this up. I’m also in Lagos and would love to attend this conference. Lot’s of tech guys and crypto enthusiasts reside in Lagos and this would definitely be a cool way to onboard them to Secret Network.
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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