SNAC Blockchain Land @ Monterrey, NL, México

Peponks | Agent Coordinator

Blockchain Land organized by Talent Land is the meeting place for interaction and networking between Blockchain ecosystem and industries, university students, and the general public. It is also the Gateway to the Blockchain world for any beginner participant as well as for builders.

Blockchain Land will be a hybrid event where the following is expected:

+10,000 Face-to-Face Attendees

  • 500,000 Online Attendees

*Twitter handle:

*Some sponsors: Binance, BITFINEX, KUCOIN, YIELD APP.

Location: Cintermex, Monterrey
Date: October 5 to 7

  • Expectation: Grab a ticket to the conference and infiltrate the community.

  • Expected goals

a. Develop friendly communication with Audience
b. Get to know students and target blockchain groups/societies in México, so we as University Relations working group can benefit.
c. Tell about the Secret Agents Program, ways to integrate (working groups) and the new UI for better workflow.

d. Specify opportunities in the network in terms of :

  • Running nodes: what is needed to run a Secret Node, number of nodes, etc.
  • Development: Grants, tools and languages needed to build on top of the network as well as all the dAPPs on mainnet.
  • NFT Artists: Tell about Secret NFTs, IRL use cases, private ownership and current state.
  • VCs: Highlight unique features available on Secret Network that no other L1 offers.

e. Onboard as many agents as possible
f. Start conversations with crypto influencers from LATAM.
g. Also, pushing to have a speaker spot to talk about privacy in the Blockchain and how Secret achieves it.

  • Budget Request

Event tickets are discounted by 90% off until August 17
Normal ticket $45

Flight - round trip $ 110
Airbnb $ 135

Total: $ 100 +135 + 45 = $290

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Lead of Events WG: @Brendan

Not bad return for the ask, I vote yes.

Do you already have merch to use from the last event?

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Just half the pins sent and a few privacy hats.

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