SNAC Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour (BCAT) Nigeria 2022

BCAT is a blockchain and cryptocurrency awareness campaign with the goal of spreading blockchain and cryptocurrency awareness and education across Africa and helping to drive real-world adoption, thus empowering millions of people across the continent.

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness campaign since its inception in 2019 has reached out to over 60,000 Africans. The BCAT Africa South East Edition will be connecting with Nigerians across the five Eastern States in Nigeria.

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Location: Amadeo Event Centre, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Date: 4th of June, 2022

Time: 9AM

Attend - Grab a ticket to the conference & infiltrate the community with group of 10 Agents in Enugu.

Plans to infiltrate the Community


  • Create a unique and coordinated appearance of Secret Agents in BCAT Conference
  • Infiltrate the Audience with a group of 10 Agents (Discuss about Secret Ecosystem and it unique feature)
  • Develop friendly communication with Audience
  • Catch the Audience attention with a group of 10 Agents at a open space inside the Conference venue
  • Create Awareness about the Secret Agent program
  • Onboard as many agents as we can
  • Create a mutual ground for possible Partnership with Secret Network
  • Convince Potential Investors to invest in projects at dAPP layer like ALTER to facilitate communication privately within organizations, explore decentralization and Secure Social App

Budget Request
Agent Coordinator Nigeria/Africa

  • Tickets are free
  • Logistics:
    Flight - Round Trip $400
    Hotel Accommodation (2 nights) - $85
    Transportation Rides(Enugu) - $30
    Other expenses - $50

Total of 10 Agents at Enugu
Transportation: $300
Merch: 10 caps and 10 T-shirts : $200
Compensation for Time: $50 each ($500 for 10 Agents)

Printing of 300 copies of Field Agent Brochure: $150

Total: $1,715

**We would appreciate if funds could be provided as soon as possible after approval for Printing of Merch and Brochure before Due date. **

Conclusion: The events will feature Top Influencers and Investors across Africa with presence of over 5000 people to attend the event across Nigeria and East Africa. It would be a great pleasure for Secret to be present at this event, it gives us a Strong Recognition at the Event. Let’s Preach Privacy!

Proposer: @Thepopeblack | Agent Coordinator Nigeria/Africa
Team Lead: @Brendan


Thanks for putting this together @Thepopeblack. Really good value for money here!

Also that Field Agents Brochure you put together is completely :fire:

Could you use this link for any bizdev leads you generate during the conference like dev teams or VC’s, bizdev & SCRT Labs will use this info to folllow up with them :slight_smile:

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Nice! @Thepopeblack.
Thanks for putting this up

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The foundation has agreed to fund this SNAC, and payment has been sent!

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