SNAC: Banner Campaign on 1World Online

Greetings! I hope everyone is doing well today :blush: I would like to make a proposal for free banner advertising on the 1World Online ad platform, across a variety of crypto sites and some financial sites. All that would be required from the community would be the creatives (the banner ads themselves).

I do contract work for a company called 1World Online, that offers programmatic advertising solutions for publishers and brands. They had an ICO some time ago (2017) where they introduced the 1WO token, essentially redeemable for 1 CPM on a publisher site with an ad of your choice.

Suffice it to say I am in possession of an obscene number of these tokens; due to my interest in Secret and my involvement with 1World I see an opportunity for synergy that can greatly benefit both organizations.

My proposal: I am willing to donate anywhere from 3000 to 6000 1WO tokens to the Awareness committee, which would enable the community to initiate a self service campaign for a series of banner ads of your creation. This is completely free, I offer the tokens with no strings attached. 1 CPM = 1000 impressions, so with 3000 tokens you would be looking at 3 million impressions total. For reference, these are the typical costs of a CPM on various, popular platforms:

Facebook $7.19 per 1000 impressions
Instagram $7.91 per 1000 impressions
YouTube $9.68 per 1000 impressions
LinkedIn $6.59 per 1000 impressions
Twitter $6.46 per 1000 impressions
Pinterest $30 per 1000 impressions

However, to get this thing off the ground, I would need a few things from the community:

  1. a tentative plan on messaging (what do we want to communicate with these ads?)
  2. collateral (to launch the campaign we would need some dope banner ads extolling the virtues of Secret: privacy, no front running, so on and so forth)

If this is something Awareness/the Community would like to pursue, please advise. I understand this is proposal/presentation is rather informal, and I am willing to refine it to an acceptable level in order for it to pass. Please let me know how you feel about this idea, and if you have any questions, ask away! Thank you for your consideration in advance, and hope to hear from you soon :+1:


I think this is a great idea and very generous of you to offer something for free.

I hope one of the committees undertakes this as an action item.

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CC: @Brendan → This seems like a potential awareness opportunity!

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Yes, I asked Leonard to post here for tracking :slight_smile:


@Onceler ,

For #2 collateral are these the tokens you’d be donating?

Brendan, by collateral - they are referring to educational material that would be provided (not collateral in the financial sense).

This is correct. I was referring to the media that would have to be generated (the images, and any associated copy) in order to display to consumers

Hey Onceler, your generosity for this campaign is greatly appreciated. How would you envision us using 1World Online for advertising? I don’t have much knowledge on how they operate but it seems like they do some quiz related stuff.

My apologies for the delay in response, had to confer with the 1WO product team to get a few questions answered before I replied.

You are absolutely right, the typical 1WO offering consists of a poller or quiz widget embedded in the middle of a page, that asks users questions, collects data, and redirects to the desired site. An example: a widget for a luxury car sale. Imagine, you are on a finance site and you encounter a center of page ad that ask you a series of questions about cars "What do you look for in a car? Performance or features? What is your favorite style? Classic or sport? And so on. At the end of the poll, you would be redirected to a luxury car dealership page, dependent on your responses.

Alternatively, you can specify that a banner ad would be in place of the poll. This is the functionality that I’m looking for us to utilize. When you click on said static image ad, you would be redirected to say,

Essentially, the functionality is a fancy banner ad that allows for demographic and region targeting.

I’m not neccesarily for using this particular tool if it should prove not to be effective; I figure free tokens would be a valid test. If it drives interest/traffic then maybe it would be something to continue, if not , then the worst thing that happened was that we made banner ads we could use in the future on a more valid campaign. Seems like a no loss scenario imo.

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I completely agree, treating this as a test run and seeing what the output is will be quite beneficial. If we were to take this forward, don’t go completely out of pocket in my opinion. Committees are funded for a reason and I don’t want you to spend your on tokens with nothing in return.

@Brendan, can you touch base when you have a moment to take this forward?


We will forward to the Design Committee as a task for the banner. Do you have the dimensions needed for the design?

Allow me a day or so to retrieve this, I will report back👍

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Static Banner sizes:

Static Banner Only
Upload a static banner with your call to action. This is the fastest way to get your campaign out there but mind that the conversion is also pretty low.

If we wanted to use the other functionality I discussed earlier, the poll as an ad, the image sizes would be:


Here is the description:
Poll as ad
Create an interactive poll with questions related to your product offering. Users are redirected to the landing page of your choice upon voting in the polls. Based completely on interaction, our research shows this is the highest converting ad unit.

By the way, this is the interface I’m seeing, for reference (it seemed easier just to make an account and walk through the process myself):

Hi @Onceler! Are you still able to offer this?

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@Onceler we’ve been struggling to get a designer to contribute to this, but @cryptocurnc has stepped up to take this on. If you can please provide him any direction or insight so he can create a banner graphic for 1World, that would be greatly appreciated!

-John B | Design Lead

Sorry for the delay in response! Sure, I’m still down for this, just let me know when you want to move forward :+1:

Alright, I signed up for the website myself so I could go through the process of creating a poll and see what it looks like. Let’s try this. Poll question:

Which of these privacy-focused cryptocurrencies have you heard of?

Answer 1: Secret Network
Answer 2: Monero
Answer 3: Pirate Chain
Answer 4: ZCash
Answer 5: Dash

Poll URL: (same link for all poll answers)

Poll image:

Thanks for doing this @Onceler! Let me know if you need any more information.

Hey everyone! Thank you for getting everything organized (appreciate the graphic and bonus points for doing the poll as ad). We officially have everything we need to launch; there is one complication. As you may be aware, the recent Liquid exchange hack saw a fair amount of 1WO stolen along with an UNGODLY amount of BTC and ETH, among other coins. This doesnt effect us directly; the tokens we will use for this endeavor are safely stored away in my wallet. However, I work at 1World and I’m aware we have been asked to 'freeze’our Ethereum token contract while they (Liquid) complete their investigation. So as not to make this complicated, I’m waiting until we suspend and resume contract functions before I start the campaign :+1: other than that, we are good to go!


Hey mate, how are things looking? Are things doing a bit better at 1World?