SNAС Secret Family - initiative of a mass educational seminar in Belarus and Poland


there are two interactive seminars in rhythm 1 every 6 weeks, with the 1st seminar starting 2 weeks after the approval of this proposal. Here are the names of the events and the topics covered.
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The first is in Belarus and the following topics will be raised there:

  1. How can you take part in the development of the project and what should an obsalyutny beginner do?
  2. What is Secret through the eyes of an ordinary person from the factory and a person who understands what Secret is?
  3. How can Secret help you and you help him?
  4. Why Secret is the best thing from the world of privacy

The second is in Poland and the following topics will already be raised there:

  1. How can you take part in the development of the project and what should an obsalyutny beginner do?
  2. Why should the voting be closed?
  3. Why does the world need Secret?
  4. How can we become part of the modern world?

Moreover, I want to take into account that in each country the issues are normalized relative to the mentality

The Ask

Total funding: $2,150 per event. We will request funding for each event separately as we refine the format and our needs over time. Please note that the currency is in dollars, not euros.

Breakdown of funding for each event:

Venue: $350. The cost of seats for 3-4 hours usually ranges from 260 to 430 dollars.
Organizer (Nikolay): $ 0 as he is ready to help the project freely.
Photographer and videographer - $ 350
That’s where you can save some money. For example, let’s take a newcomer who agrees to shoot an event. This amount also includes the organization of a photo zone.
Web3 family: $250. This is included in the multi-subscription for expenses of organizations (swags, stickers, etc.).
The work of the team serving the event is $ 200
Website - $200. This cost will include website hosting, its domain, development and maintenance.
This includes setting up the equipment, checking that only interested parties are present at the event, as well as paying waiters and other staff. Organizational expenses - we usually charge $500. This money is spent on creating a product and buying it, organizing a buffet table - these are approximate figures) Advertising - $ 300. This item includes all kinds of audience attraction through social networks and targeted advertising so that people not only want to attend this event, but expect it as a long-awaited continuation of the series. Full information about the funds spent will be provided, and all remaining funds after the event will go to the next seminar. KPIs The number of participants with photos of the crowd (with consent) as proof. The number of participants who received NFT / badges from the event (the design of which we have already borrowed and had experience developing) The number of participants who became secret agents. The number of teams that decided to use Secret as a result of attendance. Expectations Holding events in Grodno within the Web3 family, we usually attract from 50 to 75 visitors.

The type of audience depends on the type of event being held, i.e. more developers come to technical events, and more creatives come to events focused on NFT. We will adapt each seminar according to the technical level of those who, in our opinion, will attend, based on our experience, but one thing is for sure that the audience will be as decentralized as possible.
Our goal is to provide both practical training in the use of the Secret Network and to raise awareness of the importance of privacy in Web3. We would also like to develop a workshop formula that can be exported and used by secret agents around the world in their communities. And also to make Secret a project that will be talked about in every country. And even in third world countries, because as practice has shown, many hidden talents are born and live there that could be useful to Secret.

Who: Proposers


Secret Agent, I have conducted hundreds of events since 2015 within the framework of the carparatives and since 2017 within the framework of crypto communities. This includes Aleo, Moonbean, Polkatstarter, Acala Developer Meeting, Mina fan Meeting, NFT holders meeting and much more.


A member of the Web3 family, a born architect who is capable of interpreting anyone. He is an advisor in projects such as Aptos, Aleo, ZkSync, etc. Responsible for the restructuring and transformation of the Secret Agents program and the detailed enlightenment of each person present at the event.