SEFI Proposal Submission

Let’s increase the required SEFI staked to make a proposal. SEFI is a new project and now is the time to decide how serious we’d like our proposals. A feature should also be added to allow for groups of individuals to pool SEFI in order to make the requirements should they fall short of this balance.

I propose increasing it to at least 1 million SEFI staked. Individuals will be encouraged to purchase more SEFI in order to get involved with proposal creation.



This conversation was had in today’s SecretSwap Committee Meeting, and I support this notion as well. We’re getting more impractical governance proposals popping up, and while we need to do our part to better educate and facilitate proper channels and discussion, perhaps a higher barrier of entry that may require higher investment and/or community engagement would be beneficial.

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At today’s value of ~0.057, 1 million SEFI would be 57,000 USD I would say that’s too big a barrier of entry for a lot of people that could otherwise contribute. I think there should be a better way to measure engagement. Maybe piggy backing on the Secret Agents program? And allowing a combination of staked SEFI (much less than 1 million obviously) and points from the program would be viable?

SCRT deposit are 100. 600$ at todays prices, why would you require 57000$ for SEFI proposals?

That’s some severe gatekeeping

I agree with you. A more sensible amount would be 200.000 SEFI in my opinion. A minimum amount wouldn’t be bad per se, but one million is excessive.

I believe it is 300,000 now

The proposal description still says 1 million, I therefore voted no…

I would rather agree to raise quorum limit, my vote is NO
It is ridiculous that 7% participation resulted in a positive vote. Like here Even though proposal might be good, but it needs stronger support.

It’s a No for me too, 1 million is a ridiculous amount, and gatekeeping is not a thing we want to end up doing. But it is true that some proposals are borderline ridiculous, I would raise the quorum to at least 10% and generate a forum discussion for every proposal automatically (which shouldn’t be hard to do) and have it done so that the UX would actually promote debating on it.