SEFI Needs An Official Telegram Governed By Its Protocol And Project Leaders

Hello fellow SEFIANS,
I have noticed that our telegram channel is not governed by our protocol. This had led to decisions about where AMA’s, video chats, updates, and voice chats happen without the SEFI community having a say.
I propose a vote for an official Telegram channel for Secret Swap under our governance and Sefi community leadership. So we can decide to have some AMA’s, voice chats, or project updates for debate or discussion in Telegram.

At the moment, we are a decentralized project with a centralized way of communication. All of the video chats, voice chats, committee video meetings are only done in discord.

I would like to hear the community’s viewpoint on this potential proposal.

Thanks for your time.

This already exists


Yup this clearly already exists.

Side question, what is going on with secretswap gov in general? The proposals are getting terrible