SEFI is Live on Mainnet!

We are excited to announce that $SEFI - native governance token for Secret DeFi and SecretSwap - has been deployed to mainnet. Inside this blog post: how to claim and earn SEFI, new SecretSwap landing page, order routing on mainnet, and what’s launching next for Secret DeFi!

We’re also announcing the launch of a new landing page for SecretSwap, helping introduce the unique and evolutionary features of Secret DeFi - front-running resistance, cross-chain liquidity, lower fees, and additional privacy protections for users. This marks the beginning of a broader visual redesign for SecretSwap that will make it more usable and functional!

In addition, we’re excited to share that routing functionality for SecretSwap is now live on mainnet! This functionality allows for better prices for swaps, more fees for LPs, and more SEFI for everyone. Thanks to everyone who helped test this new feature.

To complement routing, the sSCRT / SCRT pair has now been added to SecretSwap! This now allows users to convert their SCRT directly into any secret token (and back), adding convenience and easing friction.

Today’s launch brought record numbers of transactions and gas use, and the Secret Ethereum Bridge passed $100M in TVL!

Check out the new SecretSwap and start claiming and earning SEFI now:

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