SEFI infinity pool disappeared?

Hi guys, yesterday staked +140K SEFI in the infinite pool that was accessible at the top of the list in earn section. I can’t see it anymore. Please waiting an answer.

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Think solved the problem I was checking the old website

not the current one 𝕊ecret Swap

Guys are we crazy?! You keep an old not updated website running?! REALLY?!

The same happened to me too.
I have yet another problem with SEFI infinity pool.
I staked some SEFI, but now i can not see my staked balance - and can not withdraw…
I did approve to view balance, but nothing happened.

What can i do?
It would be nice if there would be some info…

There were some connectivity issues as the previous domain was owned by a 3rd party. The new domain,, is owned by the DAO. We’ll have permanent access to make the changes and updates required here. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Thank you for your answer.
But my problem still remains in INFINITY POOL.
I approve to view balance (Keplr wallet), but it looks like it did not went through.
I can not see my balance and if i click on view balance nothing happens as if button is unactivated.
In SEFI STAKING (V2) there was no problem.
Can you advise me what to do?

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Is this still an issue? I can’t find my SEFI infinity pool either. Needing to access that to remove allocations.