SecretSwap on Holodeck 2

Attempting to get sETH-sXMR pool going. I can’t account for the price discrepencies of the two tokens between the swap and provide fuctionality:


Why the price difference?

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Compare with the same amount, you are showing two different amounts, 0.1 sXMR and 1.1 sXMR.

It makes a big difference due to the pool having very low liquidity, making price discrepancy way more attenuated.

If the pool had say 5,000 sXMR and 1000 sETH, your 0.1 and 1.1 sXMR would make pretty much similar price impacts. However, the current pair pool seems to have about 7 sXMR and 1.2 sETH.

Also another thing. the pool price is broken, not sure if because of the first person creating the pool or because is using the sXMR > sSCRT > sETH, but I would buy 1.01 sETH for 0.1 sXMR any day.