SecretSwap Committee Renewal Proposal

I definitely agree with you. Just pointing out i think this level of scrutiny will continue for these types of things. Just look at the foundation, edu, igc, design, and props from cosmos that are non technical they all have higher scrutiny and lower voter turnout from what I’ve seen. I think things are slowly changing in this regard in our ecosystem tho, so thats good🙂. I honestly don’t get the point of the pools if we don’t deploy the capital.


I am 100% support this proposal.

Iowa and Eric’s contributions are imperative for the continued growth and success of SEFI and SecretSwap.

Iowa and Eric are some of the most active people on Telegram. They are constantly chiming in, helping new people, answering questions, educating, etc.

For those who attend the weekly Wednesday meetings, it is clear to see the immense amount of effort they are putting forth to provide value to SEFI/SecretSwap and ensure it’s success.

And especially for what they are asking for, $7k each for 3 months work? That’s nothing…

Again, for those against this proposal I don’t think you see all the effort these two put in. We need this proposal to pass. It is imperative…


This. I think at times we forget how bleeding edge this technology is; without people willing to eat the risk this entire protocol will languish. We are largely unregulated at the moment, that can change at a moment’s notice. The compensation for participating in the growth of the Secret ecosystem should reflect that. If we dont make an attractive package for those that would dedicate their time and energies to our cause, then who will be incentivized to participate?

In their respective roles, both of these guys have done above and beyond what was expected. And given the historical performance of SEFI as of recently (not regarding the recent uptrend), its commendable that they have not abandoned the project (looking at you Iowascero) and it speaks volumes about their commitment. Nobody is out here living rent free; if this man is willing to risk his livelihood to support the Secret ecosystem, we need to be willing to take a risk on him. Unlike a previous poster, I think the fact there are 8 kids involved in this is very relevant. Because when I pick teams, I always will pick the person first that says “Yeah, I’ve got some kids at home, but we have some ass to kick first” :rofl::joy:

A final point. Although we are in a general uptrend no one possesses a crystal ball here. The case for crypto is precarious at best, even this ‘late’ in the game. We are a single bill or rider away from privacy coins and the like being illegal, virtually unusable (due to KYC/AML requirements which defeat the purpose), or any other arbitrary requirement that could turn markets in an instant. Do not underestimate the risk that participation in this protocol, hell, this entire industry entails. If we want effective people, our favorite god capitalism dictates we pay a commiserate salary. What may seem “steep” now (which btw, it really isnt given the full on nature of both jobs) will be well worth the expense when SEFI is 10 bucks a pop and the viewership for the podcast expands (providing a rich source of news, advertising and marketing opportunities for the brand at large as well as intellectual properties unforeseen).

Let those men cook.


I don’t have any voting power. But I’m all for supporting @Ewais001 & @Iowascero’s efforts. They go above and beyond in every facet of the community.

I’m honestly very surprised to see some of the comeback on here against them. And I realize some of it is purely semantics…but it’s important for people to get paid for the work they put into this ecosystem. We shouldn’t be negating all that they’re doing.

Let’s get these guys paid. It’s well over-do.


Don’t be surprised this is the norm. You usually see critics the most vocal.

Carry on fellas awesome work thus far. SecretSwap would not have the product support it does without you. Keeping this brief as it’s late and I was skimming tbh.


Can you highlight actionable items you did the past 3 months and their impact on the secret swap growth ? All the metrics that I m monitoring on usage are down substantially :frowning:
It’s a hard no on my end based on the comp structure, I think other scrt committees have set wrong standards that are kept in place by few players in the ecosystem. Non dev work with vague KPIs that are not accountable shouldn’t be priced that high in my opinion - not to say that it isn’t needed but that it’s off mark vs dev work.


I’ll just reiterate my earlier post - we should used a curved graph to manage risk from changes in the price of SEFI. Including that, I think this proposal might be fine for three months understanding that the amount of SEFI paid after three months work could be a lot lower when this proposal comes up for renewal depending on how things have changed.


Thank you Eric and Iowa you guys are great. Eric love all your podcasts! They have helped me so much! From these comments I absolutely can’t believe you aren’t getting paid! OUTRAGEOUS! You have my vote for 17 you’ve earned; you absolutely should be getting compensated for your time.


I would like to DM you on your metrics …in the future… not now…but later… We can help each other…somehow

On this Proposal… I think there has been just enough vinegar added to the poutine to see how people react when watching each other wince when they have to eat.

450,000 SEFI … I support yes vote this time . I hope next time I can just hit the yes button blindly because a substantial increase in the overall rhythm has improved. It is good vibes atm but next level is creating the standard, in regards to awareness and adoption of course.