SecretSwap Committee Charter

The SecretSwap Committee Charter


The SecretSwap Committee is a space for interested community members to discuss, collaborate on, and deliver marketing, awareness, and support activities for SecretSwap. The intention is to use these activities to improve brand reputation, increase user rates, increase liquidity on the DEX and ensure product development reaches the widest possible audience, creating a space to optimize project feedback for an optimal end user experience.

Objectives of the committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Support
  • Channel Management
  • Processing Feedback into Actionable Suggestions for Developers
  • Education
  • Marketing/Awareness
  • Content Creation


The following responsibilities are shared amongst all members of the SecretSwap Committee, but accountability ultimately lies with the SecretSwap Committee lead(s):

  • Encourage collaboration between committee members and the community at large to grow SecretSwap and support overall brand consistency and reputation, additionally assisting & supporting, NOT controlling, community Governance efforts.
  • Social media channel management as a collaborative effort
  • Create SecretSwap social media channels, where they do not already exist, providing maintenance and administration. Encouraging the expansion thereof and ensuring proper utilization of these channels to effectively raise awareness and market SecretSwap should always be a top priority.
  • To provide availability to answer questions about SecretSwap within the limitations of human capital.
  • Content creation i.e. infographics, blogs, guides, videos where possible and the coordination of these efforts with the Education Committee, Designer(s) & the Design Comittee where applicable. While the committee lead assumes overall responsibility, this effort does require 3rd party contribution and cooperation for the success of these initiatives.
  • Target specific users/individuals/hashtags in order to grow SecretSwap awareness in alternative communities i.e. LinkedIn, Reddit, 4chan, LBRY etc.
  • Incentivise user growth i.e. competitions/giveaways
  • Host/attend online events
  • Organise partnerships with external parties/communities
  • Engage and collaborate with internal projects, committees, and their developers
  • Encourage user feedback and communicate this back to development teams in order to improve SecretSwap and the creative efforts thereon on an ongoing basis



The SecretSwap Committee primarily seeks members with marketing, graphic design, financial writing, video creation, & customer service/tech support skills and backgrounds but values the membership of any interested community member looking to get more involved in the space.

Membership involves being active, engaged and fulfilling the responsibilities of the SecretSwap Committee as your time and ability permits.

SecretSwap Committee Members are expected to:

  • Treat one another with respect
  • Promote healthy and friendly discussion/debate
  • Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment for all members
  • Cooperate and collaborate with existing and new Committees and their efforts
  • Contribute to projects, efforts, and initiatives in a manner that fits your skills, background or interests
  • Have the willingness and ability to commit adequate time and effort to committee responsibilities and to the projects, efforts, and initiatives you choose
  • Be the link between product development teams and the community
  • Detach your ego from your work; understand that all things are fallible and capable of being improved
  • Give feedback constructively, empathetically, and respectfully; explain your reasoning behind suggested changes/improvements/approaches; and offer alternative suggestions when suitable.


Initially there will be one committee lead, IOWA𝕊CERO, with an option to increase this in the future should it be required.

A member of the SecretSwap Committee may be able to become a lead if they are in good standing with the Secret Network community, have relevant skills, background, or experience; and a history of meaningfully contributing to the Secret Network’s missions and goals or sponsorship on their capability in this regard by a community member or members with this standing.

Committee leads are beholden to the community and can be removed from their position if they are not fulfilling their responsibilities or meeting the SecretSwap Committee and/or community’s standards.

Lead Responsibilities include:

  • Recruit community members into the SecretSwap Committee
  • Maintain a list of active and engaged Committee Members, their skills, and contributions for recognition and potential recommendation to specific projects or tasks where their skills could be utilized
  • Develop a consistent brand approach for SecretSwap, helping to organise the generation of content to distribute on social media channels
  • Identify and coordinate with individuals who can assist channel, forum, and platform administrative responsibilities.
  • Help facilitate the connection of committee and community members with SecretSwap efforts and initiatives.
  • Organize and lead committee meetings (outlined in more detail in Meetings)
  • Collaborate with and actively engage other committees wherever possible, ensuring proper education materials are present to assist with supportive efforts.
  • Identify and coordinate with individuals who can provide availability and help provide support for SecretSwap, identifying additional opportunities for growth in this regard, working within the limitations of available human capital.
  • Provide an active presence for these interests in other committee meetings
  • Gather feedback from SecretSwap Committee members, the Secret Network community, and the public at large, where possible, to ensure it is processed and relayed into actionable feedback to the proper development channels.
  • Determine relative operating expenses of committee initiatives, secure funding, and deploy capital on behalf of the committee for consensus approved initiatives and/or identify and collaborate with individuals with expertise in these matters.
  • To be actively engaged and working on the objectives outlined herein this charter 15 hours a week at bare minimum. The majority of the lead’s efforts in a weekly period will likely far exceed 40 hours, however, this budget may be later re-assessed after trial of this effort has deemed such an action beneficial.

Items specifically worth mention that are beyond the scope of the acting SecretSwap Lead:

  • Issuing direct commands. The spirit of this project is decentralized voluntary collaboration. This only works if participants at all levels are operating voluntarily – of their own volition.
  • Making unilateral decisions regarding Committee Membership. All are welcome to attend and contribute in their own capacity. Problematic elements should be addressed by a majority consensus of the active committee membership and never by individual decision.
  • Contribute development expertise to SecretSwap
  • Dictate direction to development teams. The Committee and it’s lead can only provide feedback, we have no control over how it is received or what is done once an actionable suggestion has been offered. These are suggestions and under no circumstances should be framed as commands. We exist to serve these efforts, not control them.


Due to the potential of SecretSwap, the Committee has the potential for additional Subcommittees or Ad-Hoc Committees, focused on specific areas of SecretSwap or specific projects, efforts, and initiatives, respectfully.

These shall be formed by the SecretSwap Committee on an as-needed basis.


In keeping with its values of decentralization, the SecretSwap Committee will utilize a consensus decision making process when possible. When consensus decisions are not possible, committee leads can help bring consensus to a resolve.

For decisions, specifically, the SecretSwap Committee shall, on a case-by-case basis, evaluate the decision through a combination of: it’s adherence to best practices, its fulfillment of Secret Network’s mission and vision, recommendations from relevant subject-matter experts or developers within the committee, or adjacent committees and/or introduce research and testing. The SecretSwap Committee will disseminate this relevant insight and information to Committee members. It will then utilize a consensus decision making process. When consensus decisions are not possible, committee leads can help bring consensus to a resolve.


The SecretSwap Committee will conduct business of the committee through an ongoing schedule of weekly conference calls, telegram and discord communications.

The SecretSwap Committee meetings will be held at UTC 08:30 PM (20:30) on Saturday of each week. These meetings will be held as a conference voice call in the Secret Network Discord Meeting Room. Ad hoc meetings will be held in the SecretSwap Telegram voice chat to provide accessibility for those that cannot attend at this time.

The SecretSwap Committee reserves the right to establish additional regular meetings in additional locations to support specialized efforts as it sees fit.

The SecretSwap Committee agenda shall loosely be structured as follows:

  • Introduction of new committee members
  • Recognition of committee member contributions in the past week
  • Review and highlight of ongoing development efforts
  • Review of current available opportunities to contribute to active projects
  • Open forum for review or discussion
  • Schedule further discussions, reviews, collaborations, or other breakout sessions as-needed to support one another in their respective efforts

Updating the Charter

The SecretSwap Committee recognizes that decentralized governance is a highly experimental and rapidly evolving structure. As such, the SecretSwap Committee shall review and reassess the adequacy of this Charter periodically as it deems appropriate. This Charter may be amended or modified by the Committee, subject to disclosure and off-chain voting via discussion in committee meetings and communicated on the Secret Network forums.


Gotta just put this here for posterity. I don’t support any committee that focuses on a single dapp using L1 resources. Old SCRT holders may sell their SEFI, new SCRT holders might not have buy SEFI, and new SEFI holders might not buy SCRT. It seems like any committee that is funded at the protocol level should focus on the entire segment especially since Sienna exists. It sets a bad precedent to use layer 1 resources as an extra obstacle for a new dev team looking to compete. Can we adjust this charter to include all privacy defi on secret?


I’m heavily invested in SEFI and will support any and all adoption efforts while we have first mover privacy advantages. Having said that, I am wary of this charter due to the clear fact there is a LARGE overlap with awareness and marketing. Essentially everything the lead is responsible for falls well inside the scope of one or both of the groups currently being funded by the community (via tax). I want to be as gentle as possible regarding my tone when we I say I don’t see the value add here at all. Given the additional fact that bizdev also has a committee charter proposal and many of these efforts would also fall under their umbrella of support, I can’t see myself supporting this many management layers for 1 DAPP. Awareness, marketing leads or heads, potentially bizdev committee can handle all of these in house and with relative ease while setting standards for other DAPPS as they on board. We need to be wary of creating layer upon layer of committees/middle management for the sake of experimention solely. We also have the foundation AND enigma involved in this specific DAPP. We don’t need this committee, we need a marketing lead who advises all DAPP’s if they want or need marketing/awareness assistance.


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Thanks for your feedback, Jay! SecretSwap, to my knowledge, is a community product. I believe there should be dedicated effort and resources to support such an integral part of the Network. As far as the overlap goes, the areas that overlap are areas that are being prioritized as they’ve been recognized as areas in which we’re currently struggling. With proper collaboration, as I am suggesting, I see a bolstered, robust effort to get on top of these issues from every angle and I have heard there’s effort to hire on expert marketing assistance at the foundation level.

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It is a community project and there is a dedicated pool available to be used as sefi holders see fit. Once enigma finishes building it.

Not all scrt holders have sefi or are interested in sefi.

Scrt being a success is not depended on sefi being a success

I also feel having scrt holders paying for a specific dapps puts that dapp at an advantage over any competing dapps that may be getting built on the network

I think it’s very important that secret network and scrt funding remain neutral and not help pick and choose winners and losers


I wasn’t aware that sefi had a dedicated pool for funding these sorts things.

When i spoke with Can, he indicated it makes sense to use the secret community pool.

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I envision a world where the Secret Network community wants to help support and encourage all dapps, this narrowed focus could set a precedent showing we’re willing to help all who come to contribute become winners. Currently I think there’s a need for focus in the specific areas I’ve outlined but a more expansive effort would be great to see if this trial becomes successful.


If sefi is actually a community project then the dedicated sefi pool can be used how ever sefi voters choose to use it.


I think it’s fair to stick with guidance from Can on this. Looking forward to see what happens with the sefi pool, but glad we don’t have to wait to get this going. :slight_smile:


Completely agree with what you said here. We should wait until SEFI governance to be in place before making a decision like this. It’s more important to do things right rather than do things fast.

We share the same views Jay. Marketing lead who looks after Twitter, Medium, social medias, partnerships and integrations is indeed what Secretswap needs but not really a committee charter. We should wait until the gov is in place to allow SEFI voters to vote whether a committee charter should be allowed at the first place. SEFI is a gov token that has the rights to determine how SecretSwap should be managed.

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Hey everyone, just wanted to share that this thread is actually not about gathering consensus on this proposal, thats what on-chain votes are for, whereas the forum is for gathering feedback. Seems like some useful feedback is here, but the proposal is going out in the next hour or so and happy to see the voting decide instead of 5 voices on the forums deciding for everyone.


Iowa, I’m not sure how long you have been following SN/Enigma but the community has been incredibly supportive of all Dapps. Just look at my voting history and the community has a whole, almost all proposals asking for support have passed. And the community swap also.

Maybe you can clarify a few things for me if you’re willing.

-Do you have any past marketing experience?

-How are these specific initiatives (general in scope) you set forth in your Charter proposal any different from the initiatives set forth by the Awareness committee and the community funded Foundation as well as this yet to be formed bizdev committee? Clarity is needed for me.

If you are indeed a qualified candidate for this type of work;
I would suggest you integrate this effort with Island John and the bizdev committee and/or Brendan and the Awareness committee.

We will also have a free, community lead effort for the adoption of secret finance I might add…Our community is strong and we know how to support

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I agree with you regarding the on-chain voting mechanism. The last sentence is laughable coming from you man. So the forum has a two hour window for feedback now?
Seems like you Ian, just do whatever it is you want to do. You are not a very attractive person to govern with. Hard NO for forcing this down my throat and not letting the discussion go further sir.

This initiative is not mine

I’m just supporting @Iowascero

Using the chain as it was designed to be used, is not shoving anything down anyones throat. Here you can read more about the gov module and how it is intended to be used :slight_smile:

Okay chaps, let’s hold fire for a bit. @Iowascero, will you be okay on holding off on this proposal till tomorrow?

We’re here working together to create something new in the form of on-chain committees, just give a bit of time, take stock of what is being said and make sure this gets off on the right foot.

If you are able to answer some of the questions that have been raised, it will only be positive for reassurance.

Hey @orageux101 thanks for the feedback. We have discussed with Tor and the other committee leads already. This is part of the first batch of committees going to the community pool for voting.

You can connect with Island John or the people working on the processes for these things, and give feedback for what the process should look like going forward. But there is already a plan that is being executed here with support.

Hey mate, I’m happy with the proposal and I would only vote solely based on the merits of the proposal.

It would be nice in the future if we leave some stuff kicking around for a bit though, by no means is it a necessity but giving people a chance to bounce ideas around would probably create less dicsourse.

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Regardless of the speed at which this is being pushed towards a chain vote: can someone with a major objection explain why having a structure for helping organize efforts around supporting business development, marketing, etc would NOT be beneficial to SecretSwap - provided the lead is a STEWARD, not a dictator? Someone to help ensure all these different verticals are appropriately resourced at all times?

I don’t see why committees should not be product focused, and only function focused, if the on-chain pool is willing to fund these efforts. We’ve had governance conversations about supporting both types of committees.


As mentioned above, I am happy with the above proposal. However, in the future we will have to identify if other committees so we prevent any overlap from being created.

The BizDev committee’s proposal, which is already on-chain for voting, states that they will “work with new products on unique selling points and brand strategy for… SecretSwap”

This shouldn’t be a core activity no more and should fall under the purview of the SecretSwap committee.

I assume there will be similar things we see in the Awareness committee too that will have to be stripped out.