SecretSwap Committee Charter (Old Charter / Now defunct)

Hey all,

I wanted to share the charter for the SecretSwap Committee.

SecretSwap Committee Charter

The purpose of this committee is to provide a space for interested community members to contribute to SecretSwap awareness and marketing activities.

I will lead the committee and will potentially be on the lookout for additional co-leads should the workload require.

The plan is to launch this committee on w/c May 10th. The first couple of weeks will be spent on establishing members, processes and creating a social media brand pack for SecretSwap.

When I have further information on the schedule of meetings, I will distribute it to the community via Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and other relevant channels.

I’m very excited to get to work on behalf of the community and would appreciate your support where possible! If you feel like you have the necessary skills/background/desire to make an impact on the growth of the world’s first
front-running resistant, cross-chain, and privacy-first AMM please reach out to me. I’ll be all ears!

Here’s to the future and the growth before us👊

Davwals - SecretSwap Committee Lead


Excited to see a charter for secretswap! I think there is a lot of potential for collaboration between this idea and the existing secret market committee, one example is that we can help with channel management like the telegram Telegram: Contact @secretswap channel we started, and we can definitely help market the assets since we are building a product to do that exact thing.

Tagging @Iowascero since he is Secret Market Lead.

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I would love to collaborate with and be active on both committees to better serve the network. As Ian stated, we’ve already begun work on these grounds and would greatly welcome reinforcements and additional battalions. :sunglasses: Secret is the future. This is the way.


Hi all,

I will be retracting the committee proposal due to another opportunity coming up that doesn’t allow me to take on the role of committee lead. I will be more than happy to contribute in a Marketing/Growth voluntary capacity once a lead is appointed/steps up.

Apologies for any inconvenience and disappointments this causes.


Wish you best of luck with the other endeavor. Now that this charter is on pause I’d like to take a moment to voice concern about the merit of this committee in general. Id be more comfortable with a team who focuses on Privacy DeFi. Talks about why privacy is needed to unlock its full potential. I’m not comfortable using level 1 resources on specific dapps. This seems like an overreach and selecting winners. New users to SCRT (or even people who staked less than 100 SCRT) may not own sefi, yet they will pay for this communities cost. There are people amongst us who have dumped sefi for sienna. The level 1 taxes should reflect the fact not everyone holds or supports a particular dapp

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I agree with you that the foundation’s resources/money which come from through the voting of the SCRT stakers should NOT be used specifically for its dApps built on because not all SCRT holders are SEFI holders, vice versa.

The Ethereum Foundation wouldn’t hire a person to manage Uniswap’s social media channels, etc.

For the current SecretSwap initiatives by @Iowascero, I heard the current initiatives are NOT paid positions at the moment. I was glad to hear that.

Now that this specific charter is defunct and replaced by a new one led by @Iowascero i am locking this thread. Look for the new one when it’s posted later today.