SecretSwap Committee Agendas & Meeting Notes Thread

Notes from SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 06/03/2021

Reviewed Charter, rearranged priorities as listed for clarity & to compensate for overlap
Review of current activity:
SecretSwap docs created (, Still seeking Twitter access, Reddit DEX guide being worked on, Recent release of CSHBK
Received feedback: Impermanent loss needs better explanation & graphics in documentation
More in depth rate explanation on CSHBK needed and already in the works for UI per discussions with Web
Education needs a CSHBK video guide
SEFI governance coming JUNE!
UX/UI Ticket being added to get APR back on the UI, provide a clearer picture
Committee will not be seeking a discretionary budget until after SEFI gov is in place
Meeting moved to Discord & will be recorded going forward


Agenda for SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 06/26/2021

  • Meeting moved to Discord, discuss best targets for ad-hoc sessions
  • Working group formed & CoinGecko Market Cap fixed
  • CMC being worked with to get SecretSwap added & SEFI updated, more rigorous process requires more time and hoops to jump through, much more technical
  • SecretSwap docs updated
    Adjusted for addition of BSC Bridge
    Updated SEFI distribution parameters to match current schedule
  • UX/UI APR/APY display change in line with Mirror Protocol still in process but being added/fixed
  • Discuss landing page & background graphic
  • Support Issues - Collect pain points, discuss potential improvements
    sETH/sETH (BSC) pool issues being worked on by devs
  • Discuss ideas for additional social media strategies
  • Open Floor
  • End of Line

Notes for SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 06/26/2021

  • Meeting in Discord seems to have impacted attendance, will monitor

  • Landing page, and background graphic needs improvement, add gold to branding? discuss with Design

  • No new docs requests or issues reported in meeting

  • UX/UI APR change is taking quite a while, advised GitHub issue open & will check on this with web

  • Need for support ticket system discussed

Agenda for SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 7/3/2021

Quick update:

  • UX/UI APR implementation still in progress
  • Ticket system in the works for Support Issues
  • No changes to docs this week, ideas for improvement?
  • Working with Guy/Enigma to improve lines of communication, setting up regularly scheduled bi-weekly call

Main topic:
Brainstorming session, ideas to drive SecretSwap engagement?
Event Ideas: Pool parties, bridge parties, giveaways?
Discuss ways we as a community can make progress/releases more interactive with the public (Osmosis is a great example of how effective this can be)
Open Floor
End of Line

JULY? Just curious if a formal target was recently discussed.

It’s my understanding that initially they were shooting for end of June but a few technical hang ups have caused a small delay. Last I heard, they’re still working on getting it out ASAP, haven’t gotten a firm date yet beyond very soon.

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Notes from SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 7/06/2021

  • Progress of APR/APY change needs to be reviewed, still waiting
  • No changes to docs this week, no suggestions for improvement
  • Events and better coordinated releases necessary
  • CSHBK possibly causing downward pressure on SEFI price from arbitrage & possible exploitation? Investigate with Analytics
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Agenda for SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 7/10/2021

Short meeting this week*

UX/UI APR implementation still in progress
Ticket system set up in Discord for Support Issues (shout out to Mr. Garbanzo!)
No changes to docs this week, ideas for improvement?
Bi-weekly call scheduled with Guy/Enigma, beginning next week
Spoke with Analytics & Gmail is going to pull data to investigate $CSHBK questions from last week

Main topic:
SecretSwap branding inconsistencies:
The TWO Logos in Use
Evolution of the brand needed
Share concept, Design bounty possible in lieu of discretionary budget
Design proposal on chain
Open Floor
End of Line

Hey Iowa,

What’s the latest on SEFI Governance?

It’s my understanding that the developers are just working out some of the final kinks and getting things polished up and squared away. Should be launching in the next couple weeks or so. A firm date should be coming shortly. :grin:


Notes from SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 7/17/2021

Received Feedback on Linktree:
Add Block Explorer link
Add link to Earn
Gmail still acquiring data for $CSHBK questions about sell pressure
SEFI Gov launching in 2 weeks or less
Runbook will need all hands on deck for launch
Elie advised willing to help
Youtube, Instagram, & LBRY discussed as areas to spread video content to, need more original content
SecretCode Podcast interview & SecretSwap feature for episode 1! Check it out!
Looking for a designer with video editing experience interested in SecretSwap/SEFI
Ramping up Twitter presence prior to gov launch, hit it hard!

Troubleshooting issues:
BSC bridge experiencing stuck txs, devs aware of issue and working to fix
Still waiting on UX/UI team to update SEFI coin to uniform on Earn page, add APR hovertext breakdown
Spoke with them, Governance is first priority

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Agenda for SecretSwap Committee Meeting - 7/24/2021

Review outstanding issues:
UX/UI APR/APY hovertext breakdown
SEFI coin uniformity on Earn page
Digit box deselection bug brought to attention this week
Discuss any new troubleshooting issues

Governance launch in 3 days! July 27th, 2021!
-Runbook will need help!
-Coordinated meeting with Enigma & Edu, Darren working on infographic to break down privacy under the hood
-Keep killing Twitter! Key points:

  • The world’s first private voting application on a blockchain.
  • Empowering the community behind Secret DeFi via governance
  • Laying the foundation for the next phase of growth for SecretSwap / SEFI

Strategies for improving visibility
Strategies for improving liquidity posted on forum, discuss
Discuss stablecoin liquidity issues and potential solutions
Discuss thoughts on Enimga’s first proposal
Open Floor
End of Line

SecretSwap Committee Meeting Notes - 7/24/2021

SecretSwap homepage/landing landing page update suggestion:
learn more lp
Add a learn more button here that links to documentation/video tutorial for liquidity providing to make learning about the process simple and direct for new users
Follow up for analytics: how quickly are people leaving the landing page? optimizing for attention
Discussed potentially adding a home button next to the SecretSwap logo, people aren’t aware that the logo is a button
Reviewed SecretSwap reddit - needs growth
Would be nice to have links on the SN reddit that link to other SN subreddits
Governance Launch on 27th, discussed runbook/launch day action - coordinate through Awareness
Discussed first proposal posted on forums, general support - no objections