Hello Agents!

We are sharing the roadmap with the community so people know what we’re working on building at secretnodes. This will be a living document, so we will update this post with any changes or added details.


Milestone 1

  • SNIP-20 Support, Wallet Enhancements, Account page enhancements, and Contract page enhancement.

  • SNIP-20 Support

  1. Add and save viewing keys.
  2. View all SNIP-20 balances.
  3. See and export tax report for SNIP-20 transactions.
  • Wallet Enhancements
  1. Bring back / redesign the wallet page.
  2. Add and save wallet addresses to a user account.
  3. Customize HD path & account number when using ledger and save your settings.
  • Account Page Enhacements
  1. Add unbonding countdown.
  2. Add sorting by transaction type to account page.
  • Individual Transaction Page Enhancements
  1. Make information shown on individual transaction page fall in line with the available information one would fine on etherscan.
  2. Add labels/alias for contracts.
  • Main Transaction Page Enhancements
  1. Audit ui/ux of main transaction page and display information in a better and more detailed manner.
  • Contract Page
  1. Add ability to verify contract source code. (more details to come)
  2. Audit and refresh contract page UX/UI.

Note: No addresses, viewing keys, SNIP-20 history, or saved wallet settings will be accessible by admins of This information will only be viewable and accessible to users, but will be accessible across all devices and not tied to a specific computer or device.

Milestone 2

  • Governance Enhancements

This will be enhancements to the governance alerts, additionally this will be an overhaul of the individual proposal page.

List of Changes

  • Governance stat enhancements.
  1. See node alignment for proposals. Node alignment = what % of voting nodes voted yes on the proposal vs voting no, or no with veto.
  2. See network alignment for proposals. Network alignment = what % of voting power voted yes on the proposal vs voting no, or no with veto.
  3. Show weight for votes so users can easily tell the VP of each vote. Include permanent snapshot at voting close.
  • UX/UI Improvements
  1. Improve proposal timeline and countdowns.
  2. Show any parameter change or spend details for proposals.
  3. Improve comments ux/ui.
  4. Improve layout and arrangement of page.
  • Proposal Alert Enhancements
  1. Extend proposal alerts to include discord and twitter.
  2. Add voting results to alerts. Specifically add Yes, no, no with veto, and veto results + node alignment & network alignment stats.
  3. Add automatic proposal alert on proposal passing with final results and proposal state (pass or fail).
  4. Add ability to submit other types of proposals right from

Milestone 3

  • Validator List & Validator Page Enhancements

This will be an overhaul the UX/UI for the Validator list and overhaul the individual validator page.

List of Changes

  1. Contribution Based Ranks by default for node sorting.
  2. Network health information. This would enable users to see the overall network health based on network and node performance. (more details to come)
  3. Node health information on each individual validator page. This will allow users to see deep insights into a nodes performance. (more details to come)
  4. Validator page stats overhaul. This will add stats from the new “Contribution based ranks” system. Users and stakers will be able to see what sort of contributions the validator makes to the network.
  5. Validator badges. (More details to come)

thanks for the update, looks good.

What’t the eta for the api for smart contract labels?


What exactly do you mean? Secret network natively supports labels. They are set by whoever deploys the contract.:eyes: do you want an api for labels other than what the issuer decides to label their contract?

Hi Moonstash,
looking for an api that can be called to get the details of a contract by address or label.


Ok understood. Makes sense.

Will discuss with @jacob_puzzle

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If you guys are not interested this / is not in your scope, that is fine also as I think it does make sense long term for Datahub to incorporate this as they have a commercial setup for this sort of thing already etc.

ps I’m just guessing and apologise if this is in your long term business scope.

Our community api focus is to give a naked unmodified api. We had not considered your suggestion till now. Datahub might be interested indeed? Feel free to ask them. Either way we will let you know if we add something like this.

Thanks for the suggestion.

No problemos.