Secret Swap Trading Platform Enabling Technical Analysis?

(SEFI-WETH on SushiSwap)

When it comes to trading I like to base my trading decisions on both fundamental and technical analysis. I tend to use technical analysis to time my trades. My favorite charting package is Tradingview.

Because the Tradingview charting package is free for public use (including commercial), you see it on virtually all blockchain based trading platforms. I played a small part in bringing Tradingview charting to the Bitshares (as well as other blockchain platforms).

Take a look at: Tradingview for Charts · Issue #361 · bitshares/bitshares-ui · GitHub (the response from Tradingview dated Oct 7, 2017). So there wouldn’t be any cost to using the Tradingview charting package.

To keep this post brief, I would love to see a really nice trading platform (with Tradingview charts) for Secret Swap!

A technical analysis trading platform built on Secret Swap market data would be awesome!

Let me know your thoughts.


In my opinion, it might be helpful if we could get Secret Swap (and the tokens traded) covered by the Tradingview cryptocurrency market page:

(Secret Agents?)

As you can see in the chart above, they do provide market data in the charts for SEFI-WETH from the SushSwap DEX.

We probably don’t yet have enough liquidity in Secret Swap to attract their interest. But we should at least consider attempting to get coverage on Tradingview (on a consistent basis) as it would improve Secret Swap awareness globally.


I agree this would be cool to have


Once I thought about playing around with TradingView tools to create a webapp, but to get it, I had to fill a form, so I mentioned in it that I would create a tool for the Stellar DEX, and casually asked if it would be possible to have it on their platform like they did for Uniswap.

They replied they would really like to implement it, and they blamed the Stellar Dev team for not making contact showing interest, and that the community could show the devs that there was demand for it.

So, seeing that Uniswap, SushiSwap and even HoneySwap is on their platform, I think it’s very feasible to get SecretSwap there too. The more exchanges and DEXs they have, the more likely it is to they get a paying customer.

Oh, and I gave up on that project, they did not send me the tools and guides, and maybe I did not pursue because of my mood swings, brain fog, ADHD, etc.

Anyway, I do agree charts are essential to trading, and SecretSwap should have charting to be a complete tool.