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Secret network has been growing over the past several years and lately has been getting a lot of attention. Several DApps have been developed and many more will come this year. With DApps comes more adoption and with more adoption comes more criticism and political roadblocks.

We currently have education and awareness committees that help educate people and teach people about our network and the importance of privacy.

However, we believe that to advance secret networks interests and the values of the community - more must be done.

That is why we are proposing to allocate a percentage of NFT sale to a “Political Committee”.

This committee’s purpose is to research, cultivate relationships with, and educate leaders and politicians about the vision and mission of Secret Network.

This is not to be confused with a Political Action Committee (PAC) which funds politicians and has significant legal ramifications.

As crypto ventures into mass adoption and governments become more involved, Secret Network’s survival and existence will be dependent on forging these relationships and educating politicians that share our vision and goals.

Therefore, Secret Presidents NFT will donate a percentage of our NFT sales to fund a "Political Committee” that will research politicians, cultivate, and educate politicians that are pro-privacy.

Those of you who share our vision for advancing the political interest of a privacy centric decentralized WEB3, post a reply here and join us for real-time discussion at Telegram: Contact @secretpresidents


Yeah, I’m in for this. I don’t know what the legal ramifications are for creating what is effectively a lobbying group, but I want to see this move forward.


Thank you for your support! As long as we are not donating or funding to any candidate, legislation etc should be ok.

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Are you targeting US only or worldwide?
Or are there some particular geographic regions where you plan to focus?
In any case it will be interesting to hear some update in the future


I agree - it’d be great to hear more detail about the specific plans of the Political Committee.


These political roadblocks will appear world wide. However, as you can imagine, especially in the beginning resources will be limited. We don’t believe that the funding from our NFT will alone be sufficient to fully fund the committee. For example, The US Blockchain Association, raised $4 million USD in November to help its lobbying efforts. Our vision is to jumpstart the conversation and funding for what we believe will eventually be an important committee for Secret Network. We assume that in the beginning geographic attention will be dependent on the location of the committee participants. This may make it more weighted towards the United States. Given that Secret Network is imbricated in both blockchain and privacy, it will likely be beneficial to partner with both blockchain and privacy advocacy groups.

Thanks for the additional color. From a what’s been said, this sounds like a beneficial committee. Although, I’m interested in hearing more specifics around the hardened plans as they’re decided.

I can appreciate that this may be biased to geolocations of the members, but it’s still be good to have some transparency for the community as this moves forward.

If the expectations are to have future projects also contribute, I’d think these details would be necessary to build their confidence.


To be clear, we do not intend to necessarily run the committee. We want it to be a democratic process. We know the committee will be necessary in the near future and we are jumpstarting the funding and discussion process.

Given that Secret Network is imbricated in both blockchain and privacy, it will likely be beneficial to partner with both blockchain and privacy advocacy groups.

Have you made any inroads with these groups yet that can be discussed?

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I believe a conversation based around educating politicians worldwide is critical to the future of this Ecosystem. It should be a mission of every network while at the same time unifying their many voices for greater leverage. An industry wide platform also needs to be developed. I applauded this move to begin financing and initiating a vehicle to move the concept forward.

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No inroads has been made. I am sure strategies will be developed by the constituents of the group that is formed.

Was this post more about the idea that a committee like this should be formed? Or are you looking to build and lead this committee yourself?

I think a lot of the questions being asked (including my own) are assuming the latter.

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This post is about starting the funding for such committee. The building and leading of this committee needs to be community driven. We will be part of that community. We are not looking to necessarily lead it.

I appreciate the clarity.

From my perspective, I think it’s a challenge to allocate funds without a more formalized team and a detailed plan. I like the overall intentions of this committee, but there’s a good amount that needs to be ironed out before I see this moving forward much further.


We are not asking anyone for funding. We are saying that we will initiate the funding to get the ball rolling and conversation started. We believe this needs to be community driven and organized.

Got it - so in summary, you’re saying That a portion of Secret President NFT sales will be allocated to a Political Committee, and in turn you’re looking for community members to lead/join the initiative?

Maybe this is something we can add to the Community Bounty List (CCBL), as a way to socialize the opportunity with more Secret Agents?


Yes, that is the gist of it. Infact, Secret Agents will be one one of the 4 heroes of our collection. We hope that secret agents will participate in this committee.

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As a Secret Agent who has been looking for better ways to contribute other than through daily missions & the twitter grind, what you have proposed with your project greatly excites me. I am sure there are other agents out there having a difficult time determining where they fit best / can contribute the most to the Network. This seems especially relevant given how the American congress seems hellbent on weakening & restricting public access to strong encryption with the latest reincarnation of EARN IT. I’d be curious as to how seriously my fellow agents feel about a grassroots sort of PAC made possible through their contributions & efforts. Although not sure how effective this would be in the case of there being other projects / initiatives with the potential to advance the goals of the Network further & faster? I will definitely be putting more thought into this and will share the idea around with some of my fellow Agents. Thank you!


I am encouraged by your enthusiasm and hope that other agents are also onboard! Thank you for participating and look forward to your ideas and contributions!

This is awesome!!! Love this initiative and idea. This needs to be a real grass roots effort and certainly not just some lobbying group. I am definitely interested in getting involved. Sounds like this effort is in its infancy and thank you @SecretPresidentsNFT for kicking this off!

We should start by identifying politicians who might be sympathetic to such an effort and could be allies.

I find it ironic that some politicians/governments seek to regulate, control, or destroy crypto (likely out of fear or not understanding it). However this just further proves the necessity of web3 privacy. This is why I’m in SCRT.

Edit: I almost see this in line with an “Education and Outreach” type of committee/proposal. The only difference is that in this case the education is geared towards politicians and/or regulators who might be tempted or swayed by lobbyists, simply because certain special interests groups seek to protect their market and fight off change to protect their market dominance.

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