Secret Presidents NFT

Secret network has been growing over the past several years and lately has been getting a lot of attention. Several DApps have been developed and many more will come this year. With DApps comes more adoption and with more adoption comes more criticism and political roadblocks.

We currently have education and awareness committees that help educate people and teach people about our network and the importance of privacy.

However, we believe that to advance secret networks interests and the values of the community - more must be done.

That is why we are proposing to allocate a percentage of NFT sale to a “Political Committee”.

This committee’s purpose is to research, cultivate relationships with, and educate leaders and politicians about the vision and mission of Secret Network.

This is not to be confused with a Political Action Committee (PAC) which funds politicians and has significant legal ramifications.

As crypto ventures into mass adoption and governments become more involved, Secret Network’s survival and existence will be dependent on forging these relationships and educating politicians that share our vision and goals.

Therefore, Secret Presidents NFT will donate a percentage of our NFT sales to fund a "Political Committee” that will research politicians, cultivate, and educate politicians that are pro-privacy.

Those of you who share our vision for advancing the political interest of a privacy centric decentralized WEB3, post a reply here and join us for real-time discussion at Telegram: Contact @secretpresidents


Yeah, I’m in for this. I don’t know what the legal ramifications are for creating what is effectively a lobbying group, but I want to see this move forward.


Thank you for your support! As long as we are not donating or funding to any candidate, legislation etc should be ok.

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