Secret Network Support Team Funding Proposal

There was consensus in the recent Governance meetings to make proposals USD-dominated.

Please adjust

Ah my apologies, I missed the last meeting. I’ll correct shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

edit: As I’ve received questions about it, I also want to point out that this is intended to replace the SNAC Proposal linked above. Not to supplement it.

I’ve updated to proposal to reflect the 20% volatility buffer, per Governance.

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Sorry I’m a bit confused on what is being stated here but, to reiterate my stance just in case, I supported the proposal as long as we didn’t overlap funding with what we already paid Infra for. Initially I was against it because, due to the initial post and my own misunderstanding, it seemed like it was sticking to infrastructure docs only. Once it was cleared up in your follow up response I was pretty much fine with it.

I support this proposal.



I thought you made a good point about it being part of recurring funding rather than a single time SNAC Proposal, so folded it into this as part of my responsibilities. I appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided.

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Hourly rates seem kind of high. Are there benchmarks that were used in the creation of these figures?

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The support you guys have and do offer is incredible and valuable. The hourly rates being proposed here though are $50/hr for two members, and $80/hr for another. This is much higher than market rate.

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Hey, I think you’re a bit off here. It should come closer to ~$50/hr, not 200. (160 hours per month * 50).


just edited, sorry. On a call and multi-tasking, I apologize.

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Ah - I see the update. I’m happy to expand!

Speaking for myself, I am (and have been) providing a technical role, which is being continued through this proposal. Both in terms of validator support (see the SN Validator chat as an example), providing updates to technical documents, and making code changes. $80/hr is absolutely NOT out of line for a technical role, especially in what amounts to a contractor capacity.

With regards to the others, $50/hr is also not out of line with support pay provided by tech companies 0 1. Average salary pay for support in general across the entire US is $53,000/yr 2, with an upper bound of $81,0000. Both Mr. G and Reverse have greater than average experience, and are also working within a contractor capacity.

My point with working within a contractor capacity is that it warrants an increase to reflect the lack of benefits. From what I could find online, the expected increase of salary vs. contractor is an increase of 30-100%.

Finally, I don’t think anyone can argue that any of the 3 of us has worked fewer than 40 hours per week over the last 6 weeks, making the estimated hours provided (especially my own) quite low.


Thank you for enumerating. All of you certainly do an excellent job, and the experience in dealing with Secret Network and its intricacies would be difficult to replace. I apologize for abrupt opposition as I have been off the forums for a bit and was just surprised by the size of the ask, but as we expect to expand greatly, we will definitely need to scale our support efforts to handle new traffic of unpracticed individuals.

The Secret Code Podcast Node will vote Yes.


Thank you, I completely understand your trepidation and truly appreciate your comments and feedback.

Are both support members located in the US? I’m more acqainted with the model where support is outsourced.

Given the relatively high cost of support, I’d rather see more emphasis on project deliverables than an ongoing expense. For instance, this proposal is for 1,200 hours. How many hours for the project deliverables?

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I vote in favour of funding this bigly.

I helped out a while back in a very small capacity and it is definitely not something I enjoyed.

It’s also definitely needed, primarily for bridge transactions. If it isn’t funded, then the entire responsibility lies on SCRT Labs and their pay rate is a tad bit higher.


All 3 members of support are within the US. Ideally the team would be expanded further down the line with another member from outside of the US to provide more coverage.

The project deliverables are largely falling on my shoulders, as this proposal is cancelling out the SNAC Proposal, above. I anticipate a minimum of 120 hours will go towards project deliverables. There are more things we have on our list we’d like to add, but felt it’d be better to over-deliver.

Is there anything in specific you would like to see added?

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Given orageux’s input re: the bridge, this proposal makes sense to me as-is, especially since the support team’s timezone will allign with those bridge users.

Once there is an exchange with SCRT open to the US without a VPN, I’d imagine the need for ongoing support will decline.


I support paying dedicated support people (secret supporters). Considering the level of familiarity needed with the secret ecosystem to provide adequate support, I think the hourly rates are fair. You all have done great work for months and deserve compensation for it.

Two things to note:

  1. I’m pretty sure some of the other validators have ran the E-2388G without issues, so I don’t know if that testing is necessary.
  2. In general, I am against volatility buffers. That’s the risk with on-chain funding. If the price crashes, you can always submit another proposal to cover the difference. 20% is a huge buffer and you already are including $15.5K worth of backpay.

Hey thanks for your feedback. I’ll reach out to the SN Validators chat and see if anyone has ran the E-2388G processor.

On point 2, we originally didn’t have a volatility buffer in, but were requested to make the following corrections:

  1. Updating the estimates to be exclusively in USD
  2. Adding in the volatility buffer

As those are the new “standard” as outlined by the governance conversations.

Rurouni validator said they were able to run their node post-Supernova with the E-2386G. I’ve removed the provision for testing it to ensure compliance, and updated the price accordingly.

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I hope I’m not jumping the gun here but I’d like to put myself (‘SecretSkrillah’ on Discord) down to be that 4th person when the time is right. I think I have the know-how & the time to be able to do it effectively. Also based in the EU. :v:

My creds:

  • Many years experience with customer service, both online & on the ground.
  • Secret Agent Program on-boarding and coordinator
  • Familiar with Secret Network & all of the dApps on it.
  • Familiar with Zendesk & how other ticketing/monitoring systems for CS work.

I have been giving support on Discord/Telegram/Reddit & Twitter for some months now as far as I can with the tools I have available. It’s been a pleasure working with each of you so far on multiple fronts so I’m sure we would make a solid team. I’m keen to get more involved with the ticketing system & bring more value to the network. :slight_smile:

I suspect we will have a massive influx of new users from Cosmos/Terra & Shinobi soon so I will be ready if you need me!