Secret network stickers

I’m not sure if this goes here, if it doesn’t I’m sorry.
Anyways, I wanted to make a post regarding the secret network telegram stickers. I’m sorry but they’re not good quality. They’re low effort, just an image with the secret logo on top.
I know secret network is a movement but its also a brand and for a brand to work every part of the whole must be perfect. The website, the mobile wallet and other things people might overlook. Such as the telegram stickers. I started a sticker contest and I’m amazed at the quality. Zam in particular has offered his services for this task. I am sure it’d be reasonably priced. What do you guys think?

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When the secret tip bot is working such efforts can be supported more easily. A Secret Network art contest is definitively something worth pursuing IMO.


The Brand book is still in the work as far as i remember.

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Okay i discussed it with ZAM and hed agree to do 100 secrets per sticker.
Keep in mind these stickers would be high quality and will be animated.
I could show a sample of the stickers he made for fats their top notch. This guy is a professional and on top of it secret could gain a new mascot out of this.
He told me it takes 24 hours to make each sticker, this is truly a labor of love. The price is negotiable, but also keep in mind youd gain a professional artist that could also do other work in the future. It may sound silly but i think branding is important. Just please let me know what you think, thank you.

So it didn’t work out… Sorry about that… Hopefully you guys will consider getting new stickers though, regardless of who ends up making them…