Secret - Monero bridge

Hey guys, long time huge fan and user of this bridge, we did eventually publish a video tutorial series using the bridge. Give it a watch and feel free to share this out if you guys find it helpful!

It’s a 4-part series:

  1. Secret Monero Bridge Tutorial - Part 1 - YouTube
  2. Secret Monero Bridge Tutorial - Part 2 - YouTube
  3. Secret Monero Bridge Tutorial - Part 3 - YouTube
  4. Secret Monero Bridge Tutorial - Part 4 - YouTube

1 & 4 are using the bridge, 2 and 3 are using Secret Swap to LP.


Since you do awesome tutorials, would you consider a CLI tutorial to add to the 4-part tutorial provided above?

Our web Dapp uses the “Community API”. As you may know, the “Community API” requires new hardware and I have been informed that this won’t be ready until late Q2 2022. As a result our web Dapp suffers with intermittent network related errors.

We have released our CLI application: GitHub - maxkoda-cpu/Secret-Monero-Bridge-CLI: Secret Monero Bridge Command Line Interface (CLI)
The CLI application enables making deposits and withdrawals over the Secret Monero Bridge without having to use a web browser or Keplr wallet. So it’s better suited to those who require a stronger level of anonymity. Since it requires an operational secretcli locally, it also avoids having to use the “Community API”

We are building an open source application that provides a GUI over the CLI to simplify the user interface (for those who dislike CLI interfaces). That will be available soon.


This support request has been completed. Just wanted to record it as such.