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Secret Monero Bridge Status Update 16 June 2021:

We started the migration for our mainnet release on 01 June 2021. We ran into an issue with our backend secretcli usage with our code running on the testnet. Essentially the keyring passphrase prompts were problematic with our automated codebase. This is our first mainnet release on the Secret Network, so we expected to learn somethings along the path to our mainnet release. In the course of providing the keyring passphrase prompt solution, I had an insight that led to decentralizing a couple modules that were implemented in a centralized fashion. We implemented a change that completely decentralized our backend modules running in the I2P network.

Each of our Multi-Signature Consensus Nodes (MSCNs) are now fully decentralized and able to act like a server or a client depending upon the task at hand. MSCNs are only reachable through I2P tunnels. System data (required for an MSCN to do its job) is now decentralized and utilizes data replication that renders the system data set eventually consistent.

Anyway, we believe we have solved that issue and we are currently testing the revised codebase on the holodeck-2 (testnet). Once we have signed-off on those code changes, we will progress on to our initial release to the mainnet.



I am sooooo pumped about this.


Very excited! I helped participate in the original test launch.
Is there more interaction I should/could be doing on the test net?

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We are currently testing the redesigned back-end and will be replacing the original testnet release back-end very soon. We will then place our focus on moving to the mainnet. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.


We have replaced the original testnet release backend. So now we are all testing the new backend on holodeck-2.

We added the following data elements to our “Check Deposit” screen:

  • confirmations (displays the number of confirmations on the Monero blockchain for the XMR deposit)

  • transaction amount (amount of XMR deposited)

We are in the process of upgrading the Dapp UI to utilize React.


We will be replacing the initial testnet release Dapp with our new React based front-end very soon and would appreciate the community testing the new Dapp. We have added multi-lingual support and will ask the community to help out with translation where needed.

We will make the new React Dapp available for users on holodeck-2 in the next few days, and then resume migration to the mainnet.


Work is progressing at a good pace. We ran into a challenge with regards to keeping our back-end anonymous relative to connecting to secret nodes on the secret network. We came up with a very good solution to keep the Secret Monero Bridge anonymous, we implemented it, and are now testing that on holodeck-2.

While we were working on the mainnet migration we found that the secret node we were going to use on the mainnet ( was discontinued. That made us focus on the secret node and the anonymity risks associated with secret node usage. Again, I think we came up with an innovative approach that fits nicely with our architecture.

Testing this latest change, should be our last test effort prior to initial mainnet launch.


If you need other endpoints, the community load balanced api should be ready for use by the end of the month (end of july). It will be free to use, so you would be welcome to use that.


thanks. I’ll keep a look out.

We updated the Secret Monero Bridge Dapp on the testnet today. This is the version we are now moving to the mainnet.

We ran into some vulnerabilities to anonymity with our decentralized API using Relay Service Providers and we reverted back to our core foundational functionality of relaying deposit and withdrawal requests via email. We will not release a feature that places our users or the Secret Monero Bridge anonymity at risk.

While this is not the most efficient and effective transport for the messages it is currently the most secure and anonymous. Our email messages are encrypted using 4096-bit RSA and sent to the Secret Monero Bridge email box which uses I2P mail. We encourage users to use secure anonymous email on their side and we will provide guidance on the best practices to preserve anonymity using email with the Secret Monero Bridge.

We are working to mitigate the anonymity risks associated with our api, however we do not want to further delay our mainnet release. So we will be going to the mainnet with deposits and withdrawals being sent via secure/anonymous email.

The Secret Monero Bridge has basically two core functions; deposits and withdrawals. Our architecture facilitates these two core functions via the transport of structured messages via a number of different message transports. We will start off using secure/anonymous email, and add additional secure/anonymous message transports to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The Relay Service Provider API is expected to be release in version 0.0.2 of the Secret Monero Bridge.

I’ll provide additional information soon.



I’ll provide a brief demo video on how to use the new Dapp very soon.


Where can I find more info (details) on the community load balanced api?

I’m having to redeploy how it’s setup. I should be able to followup Monday with an update. It will use when it’s deployed again.

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Ok. Thanks for the update.

We have Deposit (XMR->sXMR) functionality operational on the mainnet.

We are now starting to migrate the Withdrawal (sXMR->XMR) functionality. Once the Withdrawal feature is in place we will complete our migration tests and then open it up on the mainnet.

Stay tuned…


Awesome news maxkoda, really looking forward to this!

Please keep in mind that the committees would love to support you in any way (banner design, infographics, runbook development, awareness spreading, activating SecretAgents to help push promotion). To do all that we need about 7, ideally 10 days to get everything spin-up. If you feel that is getting to a timeframe we need to get started, please reach out :slight_smile: You can DM me or Carter of the foundation.

Thank you. Really appreciate all the assistance the community provides :slightly_smiling_face:

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We now have both Deposit (XMR->sXMR) and Withdrawal (sXMR->XMR) functionality on the mainnet. We are now going over everything and doing our migration tests.

Stay tuned…


Great to see it come live finally, exciting!